What to wear to work for your curves

What to wear to work can be tricky for some. It can be especially tricky if you are a Latina with curves. It does not matter if you are only busty, have curvy hips, a shapely butt, or are blessed with all three plus a tiny waist. Your curves can become a distraction at work if you do not dress appropriately. This means dressing in a way that does not emphasize your curves more than they already are.

De-emphasize a large bust

When it comes to attracting attention at the local nightclub, wearing push-up and other cleavage-baring bras are pretty options that create a sexy silhouette under our clothes. However, for the upwardly mobile, curvy Latina, the push-up could push down your career climb. Choose a full-coverage bra that provides support but does not enhance or add to breast size. What to wear to work when it comes to tops and dresses involves choosing the right neckline. Your bust is larger so there is going to be cleavage but you can reduce the amount shown by wearing a high v-neckline, moderate scoop/square neck, or boat neck tops and dresses. You can also wear attractive draped-neck garments, providing the hang of the drape hits the top of your cleavage and not lower. When at a meeting you want the attention on your words and not your bust.

Say “No”, to skinny and slim-fit bottoms

If you have a tiny waist, curvy hips and rear, then skinny pants and slim-fitting bottoms will highlight those curves. While this is fine for after work or the weekend, these garments should not be an option when choosing what to wear to work. As with bust enhancing garments, pants and skirts that hug your hips and butt can be a distraction at work. Think of it this way: if someone came to a meeting in a body hugging skirt or dress, would eyes stay glued to the presentation, or would they keep drifting to the attention-grabbing outfit?

Footwear matters when deciding what to wear to work

Footwear may seem like an obvious thing to consider when deciding what to wear to work, it bears a lot of weight on the issue. Heels that are three inches or higher change your posture, they force your pelvis to tilt and your back to arch, which will accentuate your curves a lot. In addition, they affect the way you walk, causing your weight to fall harder on the back leg, which in turn makes the hip sway out more. If you are a fast walker this creates a quick pendulum effect that gives you a walk to rival any runway model. While such a sway is great in the fashion world, in the corporate world it creates a huge distraction.

Choosing what is good to wear for your body shape is an important skill to master if you plan to climb the corporate ladder. You can still look fashionable and professional. Your curves will not be hidden either, you just do not need to call extra attention to them. Your curves will be noticeable even wearing a potato sack. However, dressing in a professional manner helps to maintain the professional atmosphere at the office, and protects you should unwanted attention come your way.