What you can do if you are 40 and single

What do you do when you are 40 and single? You might need to try new ways of meeting people in your search for a new relationship. From joining an evening class to socializing with family and friends, there are still ways to meet a special someone.

Try something different

As we get older, we tend to stick to the same routines; work, housework, sleep. If we don’t do something different, we won’t meet new people and be open to a new relationship. Think about trying an evening class. Is there a local community center that offers courses or workshops that you could attend? What about a fitness class, cookery group, or hobby club you could join? That way, if you meet someone new, you already have a shared interest. Ever thought of volunteering? The man of your dreams could be helping out at your local church or charity. Lots of charities need help with fund-raising and other day-to-day activities. If you have a few hours to spare, volunteering will get you out of the house and meeting new people.

Tell your friends

You might not want your friends to know that you are actively seeking a relationship, but they can help by including you in their parties, celebrations, and family get-togethers. You might not want anything serious just yet, so socializing with your friends and their family is a safe and fun way to meet new guys. If you do tell your friends, they can invite guys they think are interesting and introduce you to someone new. If you’re a single mom, it might help to meet up with other single moms in your area. You can get together for a girls’ night out or introduce each other to male friends you know are good with kids.

Using the Internet

Some women love dating sites; others don’t. It doesn’t hurt to browse even if you don’t want to take things further. If you do want to go ahead and meet someone, be careful. Only meet him in a well-lit, busy public place, and make sure that your friends and family know where you are. Even consider taking someone along with you for a first date–he or she can always wait in the car! Take care when meeting up with anyone you have been chatting with on the Internet.

Try something different and you will find a new man. Start a new relationship and this one could last forever. Get out and involve yourself in new ways of meeting people. You will get to meet new guys and make new friends along the way. You won’t be 40 and single for long.

Photo source: Flickr