Why to avoid the latin lover type

We have all encountered the prototypical tall, dark, and handsome “Latin lover” type at one moment or another in life, either from a distance or up close. His modus operandi includes knowing what to say and when to say it, standing out in, and many times above a crowd, and always seeming to do the right thing. He is the object of desire of almost every woman and the envy of all men. It is no wonder that the smooth talking, passionate Casanova has an almost universal appeal. Still, as the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. While on the surface the “Latin lover” exudes excitement and charm, underneath he is duplicitous and narcissistic. This is why any woman who is considering a relationship with Don Juan should think twice. This subcategory of the male species is incapable of loving another human being other than himself, and while it appears that he worships women, he in fact detests them. For this reason, being able to identify and avoiding a womanizer is your best defense.

A “Latin lover”, by definition, shuns commitments. Still, many women believe he is capable of change or rehabilitation, usually through their intervention. Rest assured that no matter what he says or does, this man has no intention of exclusivity even if he makes you feel like “the one”. Women are mere objects to him that are both disposable and replaceable. Even the allure of money, attractiveness, and power, while enticing to him, are not enough to curb his predatory tendencies. He views his romantic liaisons as games with women as the grand prize. Once this player scores, he will seek out new challenges, which usually implies starting anew with someone else, with or without you in the wings.

Because he is able to move on so easily and repeatedly, it becomes clear that a “Latin lover” only cares about himself. At first, he will make you feel like you are the center of his world. He will act as a perfect gentleman and whisper exactly what you want to hear. But soon his interest will wane, giving way to his ugly, egotistical side. He will call less frequently, will avoid making plans, and will have a laundry list of reasons to explain any questionable behavior. His inherent selfishness can only ultimately lead you down a path of sadness and confusion.

For these reasons, a “Latin lover” cannot be trusted. This Romeo will initially leave you feeling intoxicated but eventually, your emotions will be tainted with doubt, worry, and suspicion. Because he is a master of deceit, he is able to effortlessly turn your accusations against you and to his benefit by blaming your concerns on your own insecurities. This tactic will inevitably affect your perspectives and self esteem, which subsequently affords him increased control. In contrast, a man who sincerely cares about the relationship would welcome communication and probably not cause you heartache in the first place.

If your ideal relationship is one based on respect, compatibility, and love, steer clear of the”Latin lover”, as they only cause pain, anguish, and emotional unrest. Every woman deserves a happy, healthy partnership, so, the sooner you heed the warning signs the better. Instead, focus on all wonderful men out there who can give you the fairy tale you want, complete with a prince and without a frog.