Winter outfit: must-have items

If you are considering a must-have winter outfit, this year, the runway went back to basics with classic looks that are both sexy and sophisticated. Aside from the styles being timeless, so are the colors. With taupe, browns, black, and grays at the center of this season’s looks, you can be assured that any new purchases will never go out of style. Below are a few staples that you should consider pulling out of your closet or investing in for this season and many more to come.


A coat is a must-have winter item even if you live in warmer climates. Although short coats are a staple, investing in a knee-length coat is an absolute must. A long coat in either black, brown, taupe, or gray is a beautiful finish to any winter outfit. Regardless of whether you are headed to work in a pantsuit or to a gala in a beautiful evening dress, a classic long-coat is the perfect pairing to a winter outfit. When selecting the perfect coat, look for one that is classic and good quality; this is definitely an item worth splurging on.


The perfect winter outfit will undoubtedly include boots. Unlike with your coat, you can go for trendier boots. Since shoes are meant for walking, and in the winter it will likely be wet and slippery, it is best to buy boots that are comfortable. It is important to make sure your boots will keep your feet warm too. It is probably best to buy at least two pairs of boots for the season. If you like to wear heels, you can definitely buy a beautiful pair of high-heel boots, but it is also advisable to have a pair of flat boots when you need to walk or for when it snows. The height of the boots is really a matter of preference, but ankle boots and knee-high boots are sexy and timeless.

Long-sleeve dress

A long-sleeve dress is another must-have for the winter. These dresses go perfectly with any winter outfit; they are very much in style and will help keep you warm in the colder months. Nevertheless, a long-sleeve dress can also be worn year-round, so it is definitely worth purchasing. If you are looking to buy a dress that you can wear all year or maybe every winter, it is best to stick to a classic style and color. Following the color scheme of the year, black, taupe, brown, and gray are all great choices for a dress.


We’ve all heard that a cardigan is essential to any closet, but so is a shawl, especially for a winter outfit. A soft cashmere shawl is worth the investment, but if you are looking to have multiple shawls without breaking the bank, this is an item you can buy at a bargain. If you can pass on the cashmere and buy cotton or wool, you can get shawls at a fairly low price. Since you can throw a shawl over any outfit, it is nice to have them in an array of colors. Even if you buy only a few, it is a good idea to have at least have shawls that are black and taupe.

Photo source: Flickr