3 fall makeup trends

You can show off these trends on the streets, in the office, or anywhere with these tips.
3 fall makeup trends
Foto: Belovodchenko Anton via sxc.hu

In the past, autumn has been the season when makeup takes a more dramatic turn with bold, dark colors and graphic eye looks. This year fall makeup has taken on a more subtle approach. Fresh faces, subdued eye shadow, and a single shock of wine was the theme of the season . Let’s focus on three popular beauty trends with tips on how to wear them to spruce up your look this fall.

Fall 2013

How to wear fall’s fresh face

Fresh-faced models strutted down plenty of fall fashion runways , even though the makeup-free look is primarily a spring trend. You cannot rely on the humid weather to help you get that dewy glow during the fall and winter the way you can in the spring and summer.

Here are three tips to help you achieve the fresh-faced fall makeup trend : Get glowing skin by mixing in equal parts of liquid foundation, moisturizer, and liquid luminizer before smoothing and blending into your skin. If you prefer to use tinted moisturizer, simply mix in a liquid luminizer and blend it into your skin.

  1. For that faint dewy flush, skip blush and blend in a creamy lipstick shade that matches your natural flush. If need be, you can mix two lipstick shades to get the right flush. Use a light hand with this by swiping your index finger over the lipstick, dotting along your cheeks , and then blending with your fingers.
  2. For a truly fresh face, skip applying lipstick to your lips and use foundation instead. Blending foundation over your lips creates a seamless canvas. Add a touch of sheen by applying lip moisturizer at the end to finish.

Rock fall’s metallic eye trend

Metallic makeup is huge for fall. You can go bold by adding glitter to create a rock-star look . For a more wearable option, try mixing earthy or pastel metallics. Sweep an icy blue shade across the lid. Finish off with a metallic silver or icy purple shade to line the eyes with a classic cat’s eye look.

Wine and roses for fall makeup

Maybe you think the pastel metallics are not bold enough to add to fall’s fresh face . You are in luck. Deep wines and luscious reds are in vogue for lip color. You can be a femme fatale with a rich bold lip for fall. If you are not quite ready for the intensity of this trend but still want to rock the color, try this:

  1. Apply one to three coats of a deep wine or red shade with a lip brush.
  2. Blot lips with a wet wipe. This will remove excess color and give your lips a dewy finish .

These three fall makeup trends ruled the runway. You can show off these trends on the streets, in the office, or anywhere with these tips. The overall look is softer than past seasons, making it easy to integrate your spring makeup before it expires . Start practicing your fall makeup techniques soon, so you can be ready when the season arrives.