5 Nail Trends for Fall

1. Barely there

Translucent, ballet pinks and sheer beige nail polish hues are back in style this season. This trend requires minimal up keep and is easy to do yourself. The best part is that, these tones generally don’t clash with any wardrobe or make up choice. Just apply the polish and go. The recommendation for this trend is that you keep your nails rather short and with rounded edges.

2. Almost Black Nails

Deep berry, midnight blue, and dark purple aren’t just the hottest colors for accessories, they also look fantastic on nails. To find your shade, look for a color that appears nearly black when seen from a distance but have a color pigment when seen from up close. Intense colors look best on short nails with square tips and rounded edges.

3. Updated French Manicure

The classic French manicure gets a little twisted this fall. Keep your base color muted and as natural as possible, but let your tips be bold. Go red, metallic, navy, or violet. Or try a reverse French manicure. Paint your base a deep, bold color and paint the half moons near the cuticle of the nail stark white, light beige or pink. Avoid sheer colors for the half moons so the color below does not show through. In order to rock this style nails should be a bit longer so that the tips really stand out.

4. Ombre Nails

This fall, it should come as no surprise that color is in! Rusty reds, goldenrods, burnt oranges, and chocolate browns are in this season. One of the most fun and fashionable ways to wear these colors is via ombre nails. Get these done professionally – it’s tough to perfect the gradient of color from the base to the tips on your own.

5. Think texture!

Another big trend this season is bold patterns and texture. When it comes to this nail trend, bigger is better and using colors that are in season is definitely a plus. Try using a deep blue as a base and creating a pattern like stripes in a deep green. Polishes with a lot of glitter will help give your nails a rough textured look. New polishes with a matte finish take away the shine, but give your nails a satiny smooth texture.