6 healthy ways to spend Thanksgiving afternoon

So, after your belly is full, how do you spend Thanksgiving day? Do you have a favorite family tradition? Tell us!

For too many families, Thanksgiving involves a lot of sitting, napping, and being lazy . This year, get active and burn off that piece of pumpkin pie before the sun goes down. Spend Thanksgiving day doing something healthy and rewarding.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Go for a family walk: Clear away the dinner plates and get moving. Instead of sinking into the sofa, get some fresh air with a family walk around the neighborhood or at a local park. Soak in the changing seasons, enjoy spending time with your relatives, and don’t forget to take the dog along too! Everyone can use a little more outside time.
  • Play a game of soccer: If the weather is picture perfect, grab the soccer ball, and have fun in the backyard or at the local beach or park. Your abuela can keep score while the tiny tots chase after loose balls. Don’t forget to take a few pictures of the fun to remember the holiday gathering.
  • Donate leftover food: It’s easy to cook a little too much for large family gatherings . If you have more leftovers than you can enjoy in a few days, donate them to local soup kitchens or homeless shelters. The food will be enjoyed within 24 hours and you’ll feel good about helping others during the holiday season.
  • Bake dessert together: This year instead of splurging on pies and cookies at your favorite bakery, why not make the treats yourself? The kids can help measure and stir while adults supervise the activities. Desserts like baked cinnamon apples and pumpkin pie smoothies taste great and don’t have as many calories as desserts made with flour and butter. Now that’s a healthy way to celebrate Thanksgiving!
  • Visit an animal shelter: Nobody wants to be alone on a holiday, not even animals at a shelter. Call ahead and schedule your family to walk the dogs and socialize the cats during the hours a staff member will be at the shelter to feed and care for the animals . Everyone will appreciate your extra helping hands!
  • Decorate for the holidays: If you’re gathering at your parents’ or grandparents’ house for the holiday, spend Thanksgiving evening decorating for the winter holidays. They’d probably love help getting the Christmas tree out of the basement or making homemade candles for Chanukah.

So, after your belly is full, how do you spend Thanksgiving day ? Do you have a favorite family tradition? Tell us in the comments below!