6 relationship mistakes to avoid

You might need to assess your commitment to your spouse, then take steps to recommit to your relationship.
6 relationship mistakes to avoid
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You want to feel secure in your relationship with your spouse, but how secure you feel will depend largely on how you treat each other. Here are six relationship mistakes to avoid, if you are to enjoy a healthy marriage relationship.

Lack of commitment

Without commitment your relationship is doomed to fail, as this is the glue to hold you together in both the good times and the bad times. If the commitment level is low in your relationship, you might find that there is not the willingness to work through the problems you face and find solutions. You might need to assess your commitment to your spouse, then take steps to recommit to your relationship.

Poor communication patterns

Effective communication is the key that enhances all aspects of your relationship as a couple. For example, to build intimacy in your marriage you need to communicate your needs and desires to each other. In the same way, use “I” statements to communicate your needs, and don’t expect you spouse to read your mind. Also, poor communication patterns could hamper your ability to creatively resolve conflicts, and so you might find that you are fighting all the time, instead of sharing a satisfying relationship.

For you to grow in your relationship, you need to understand each other . However, this takes time and effort. This means understanding your spouse’s needs, desires, hopes and expectations. This comes through spending time together, conversing with each other, and having a deep interest in knowing more about your partner. Get to know your spouse better, as this kind of understanding increases intimacy in the relationship, as you come to know and accept your spouse.

Showing little respect

The essence of a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship is the respect that is shown between the individuals. Disrespect for your spouse cuts to the heart of his value and worth as a person. A relationship where there is continual disrespect is sure to crumble as the foundations erode. On the other hand, when give your spouse the respect he deserves, you are telling him that you accept and appreciate him as a person of worth, including both his strengths and weaknesses.

Being over controlling

One relationship mistake that you need to avoid is trying to control your partner. Remember that as a person, your spouse has the right to make his own decisions. Sure, in your marriage, you both need to share in decision-making, however, this should not be forced, but should come through mutual consent. Behaviour related to being controlling is constantly trying to change your spouse . Don’t try to improve your spouse, accept him for who he is.

Breach of trust

The core of your relationship is being able to trust each other. This is one of the mistakes to avoid, for once trust is violated in a relationship it is extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to rebuild it. Strive to have an open and honest marriage relationship. As you do, you will find that your love and intimacy increase, and you will enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.