7 fantastic fall accessories to welcome cool weather

So, how do you plan to amp up your fall look?
7 fantastic fall accessories to welcome cool weather
Foto: Photo: Morguefile

Put away the spaghetti-strap tanks and pull out the cardigans. Fall is here! Sort through your wardrobe and give that closet a good cleaning. Then, shop your favorite stores for some new fall goodies. Here are seven essential fall accessories to keep within reach this season.

Fall 2013

  • Ankle boots: Save your knee-high boots for the wet, chilly days of winter. This fall is all about the cute, cropped ankle boot. Pair the footwear with long skirts, leggings, or skinny jeans for the biggest impact. Stick to neutral hues such as cocoa, gray, brown, or black for fall. For a real retro look, slip a pair of leg warmers on above the boots!
  • Looped scarves: If a colorful scarf is your go-to accessory to perk up your favorite outfits, check out the new loop-style scarves. These continuous, doughnut-shaped scarves wrap around your neck with no loose ends and always look fashionable. Try a metallic hue in gold or copper to brighten a neutral autumn outfit.
  • Cropped cardigans: When it’s warm during the day and chilly in the evening, a cardigan is a must. This fall experiment with adorable cropped cardigans. From styles that show off your waist to three-quarter sleeves, fall is the time to flaunt these lighter wraps.
  • Tailored blazers: Need to look professional? Keep a tailored blazer handy to toss over your work wear. Try a blazer in brown corduroy or a vintage tweed style with a masculine cut. These fall accessories can take your favorite sundress from causal to office-ready in minutes this fall.
  • Slouchy hats: Get rid of the summer ponytails and let your hair flow. Keep it in place with a funky, boho-chic slouchy hat. Made from yarn or another soft material, these hats are a great way to avoid a bad hair day on a fall weekend.
  • Short-sleeved sweaters: There are only a few weeks out of the year when you can pull off the short-sleeved sweater look. Autumn is it! Choose a long-length sweater that covers your rear to pair with leggings or skinny jeans. Then dress up the short sleeves with a wrist full of bangles that would otherwise be hidden under long sleeves.
  • Denim vests: Fall is all about layering. The hot accessory this season is the sleeveless denim vest. Slip one over almost anything for a little extra warmth and style. Vests pair with short-sleeved T-shirts, tank tops, and even fitted sweaters.

So, how do you plan to amp up your fall look ? Give us some ideas in the comments below!