Choosing the right power color for every situation

Depending on the situation, some colors are more powerful than others in sending out the right message to achieve a goal.
Choosing the right power color for every situation

You tend to have a specific reason for wearing the colors you do each day. Sometimes it is because a color is your favorite or it highlights a physical attribute of yours. You may wear a certain color because it is the trendy color of the season, but these color choices might not be a power color for you.

Color sends out messages about you to other people. Depending on the situation, some colors are more powerful than others in sending out the right message to achieve a goal.

Strong business colors

In business, you want to wear colors that will help you get ahead. There are specific colors to wear when it is time to negotiate, to assert yourself and to lead in the office. Professionally, the colors black, blue, and red carry a lot of weight when it comes to these areas.

  • Black is seen as polished and professional.
  • Blue–specifically darker blues like navy–is seen as conservative and gives a corporate or business tone to your look.
  • Red is seen as the power color for women in the boardroom. It conveys strength, boldness, determination, and courage. Plus a swipe of red lipstick helps to give you confidence and makes others see you as such.
  • Gray and brown are also colors that convey an air of professionalism. These colors are ideal for everyday wear and for attending meetings, training, or corporate events where business attire is the dress code.
  • Colors to avoid or use sparingly include yellow (conveys cowardice and jealousy), green (envy, too political,) and sometimes orange as it can seem like a novelty color.

Effective colors to wear when dating

Although it is always best to be yourself on a date, sometimes being you can use a little boost. Selecting a dating power color can help you convey the best aspects of your personality . If you have a loving, caring nature and enjoy the simple things in life, wearing pink, white or a combination of both is best.

When you want to show your date that you are a fun, energetic, easygoing woman then choose colors like yellow, light/brighter greens, red, and bold shades of orange. If you are known for being loyal, peaceful , and elegant, then wearing shades of blue and purple will help express these qualities.

The best color choices for various social events

There are different types of social events you will attend. Which power color you choose will depend on the tone of each event.

  • Formal : Black, dark blue, dark purple, dark green, rich red.
  • Semi-formal : black, blue, purple, green, brighter red, pink, white, pale yellow.
  • Casual : Any color will work, so choose based upon the overall feeling you want to create.

Choosing your power color primarily depends on when and why you are wearing it. One single color does not work for every aspect of life. You can narrow it down to your most powerful colors and make sure your wardrobe has many items in those colors. Be advised that the meaning certain colors convey can change depending on when and how they are used (e.g. yellow conveys both cheerfulness and cowardice) so choose wisely.