Crafty cascarones for Easter

Give your classic cascarones a fun twist with these design ideas.
Crafty cascarones for Easter
This year add a decorative touch to your colorful eggs.

The time-honored tradition of making cascarones, the confetti-filled dyed eggshells that people love to make and smash during the Easter season, is a favorite activity of children and adults alike.

This year add a decorative touch to your colorful eggs, and let your (and your kids’) creativity run wild!

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How to make cascarones

  • Step 1: Taking a whole egg, tap the top until it cracks. Chip away until you create a hole at the top of the egg.
  • Step 2:Drain the egg of its contents until it’s empty.
  • Step 3: Carefully wash the egg with soap and water, taking care to rinse the insides with soapy water. Set out to dry.
  • Step 4: In small bowls or disposable cups, create a dye solution. You can use egg-dying kits from the store like those by PAAS, or use a solution of water, vinegar and food coloring.
  • Step 5: After the colored water solution is ready, dip the egg in the dye carefully. Make sure the solution gets inside the hole and submerges in the water as much as possible. Leave it in until the egg is stained.
  • Step 6: Take the egg out of the colored water solution, drain it thoroughly and set it out to dry on a paper plate or glass plate with a paper towel on top. Note: some coloring could stain porous ceramic.
  • Step 7: Once completely dry, fill the egg with confetti. Set aside.
  • Step 8: Cut small circles out of colored tissue paper, and paste to the top of the egg, covering the hole. Let it dry.

Creative designs

By adding a few simple steps to the process, you can create fun and unique designs to your cascarones. Here are a few ideas:

Patterns and drawing

Patterns and drawing.

After you have drained, washed and dried the egg, take a wax crayon and draw some designs directly on the egg. Draw carefully, but deliberately. You don’t want to press hard enough to break the egg, but you want the decoration to be seen.

Rub the designs with your fingers, you want to warm up the wax and rub it around gently helping ensure that all the tiny areas you might have missed on your design are covered. Then dip the egg in the dye solution as you typically would. When you take the egg out of the solution, it will be dyed everywhere except where the crayon has drawn. If you prefer, there are egg dying kits with special clear wax crayons made specifically for this type of craft.

A glittery finish

A glittery finish.

Adding a touch of glitter to your final design could not be easier. After you make your dye in the color of your choice, add some very fine glitter to the cup. Stir gently, but allow some flecks to stay at the top of the water. Allow the egg to stay in the solution as normal. Once you remove the egg and while the egg is still tacky, sprinkle with additional glitter. Allow to dry.

A touch of sparkle

A touch of sparkle.

Add some bling to your cascarones with a touch of sequins. Taking a pair of tweezers, pick up each sequin and dip the backs in craft glue, then paste each to the outside of the egg. It might take a few minutes to paste your design on, so to make it simpler, look for ready-made crystal design strips. PAAS, the egg-dye kit company, makes a set called “Oh so Chic” with sequined glue strips ready to paste on your cascarón.