Holiday photos: the easy way

Most people know that no one is perfect, so a photo that lets your personalities shine through is perfectly appropriate.
Holiday photos: the easy way
A family photo doesn''t have to be perfect to make it memorable.

If you’ve ever tried to corral your family for a holiday photo, you know how hard it is to get everyone in the same place and smiling at the same time. Don’t despair though because you can be successful, though it might take a bit of wrangling and planning. Having a bit of knowledge about how to get the perfect picture can make taking holiday photos that much easier. Put some thought into when and where to take the photo, then use these tips to get the job done while keeping everyone happy at the same time.

¡Feliz Navidad!

Setting the scene

Setting the scene. Shutterstock

It’s probably not a great idea to try to capture your family’s photo when your child is ready for a nap. Try to come up with a relaxing time, such as a weekend afternoon, when everyone is well fed, well rested, and in a happy mood. Make sure you don’t have anywhere to be or you’ll wind up rushed and irritated. Choose a comfortable place to take holiday photos. Consider sitting in front of the Christmas tree on a blanket or nestling on the couch.

You’re more likely to have success here than trying to get everyone to stand ankle deep in snow or sit on the cold concrete of your front porch. Try to get everyone to wear coordinating outfits to give your photo a sense of continuity .

Take lots of photos

Take lots of photos. Shutterstock

Whether you’re using the automatic setting on your camera or a friend or family member is taking holiday photos for you, don’t take just one. Take as many as you can get before everyone is fed up. This increases the chances that you’ll wind up with one good one that you can use in holiday cards or to update your social networking site.

Camera placement. Shutterstock

Instead of trying to take a family photo by centering everyone , consider an off center placement or taking the picture from slightly above the group. This cuts down on a super posed look, but it also leaves a bit more room for freedom, such as a kid who looks off to the side or a father who blinks at the flash. Taking the photo away from the exact center of the group creates a unique photo that you’re more likely to use.

On the big day. Shutterstock

When the holiday arrives and your family is immersed in opening presents, eating tasty meals and interacting with one another, try to get plenty of candid shots , which commemorate the day better. If you can wrangle everyone into one place, try to get a casual or silly group photo, which takes some of the pressure off, but still gives you a tangible memory of the day.

No matter when you decide to take your holiday photos, be sure you have room on your camera memory card and that the batteries are fully charged. Keep a set of extras on hand, just in case. Take a break if you need to so everyone can get the wiggles out, then try again. Remember, most people know that no one is perfect, so a photo that lets your personalities shine through is perfectly appropriate and fun to share on the holidays.