Host a beach-theme cocktail party in 6 easy steps

With the help of e-vites and a little creativity, you'll be serving up fruity drinks and doing the limbo in no time.
Host a beach-theme cocktail party in 6 easy steps

Celebrate the arrival of spring with your friends. Plan a festive beach-theme cocktail party as soon as this weekend with these six tips. With the help of e-vites and a little creativity, you’ll be serving up fruity drinks and doing the limbo in no time.

1. Tell everyone

Create a Google+ hangout or an event on Facebook to let everyone on your friend list know about the party. Or, get creative and design a paper invitation on your computer to print and mail. Include the time, location, and, of course, dress code. For this party sandals, sunglasses, and Hawaiian shirts are a must. As the hostess , slip into a flirty little sundress!

2. Get party gear

Head to the store for colorful drink glasses , tiny beverage umbrellas, printed napkins, and paper plates for party munchies. Choose essentials decorated with whimsical fish designs or palm trees to coordinate with the beach theme. Don’t forget ice cube trays that make seashell-shaped cubes.

3. Decorate your space

Host the cocktail party outdoors on a patio, deck, or lawn. Cover tables with blue ocean-colored table cloths. Use sand-filled fish bowls topped with candles for centerpieces. Sprinkle faux seashells and starfish on the tables to accentuate the party theme. If possible, light a few tiki torches to illuminate an evening fete.

4. Create a signature drink

Experiment in the kitchen and put a new twist on your favorite cocktail just for the occasion. Celebrate your Hispanic culture by adding a splash of agave or hibiscus juice to a mimosa or serve Spanish daiquiris with fresh wedges of lime. When in doubt, mix up a variety of flavored margaritas such as mango, pineapple, or coconut creme.

5. Offer small snacks

Nothing goes better with cocktails than appetizers . Keep the menu simple by serving a bowl of homemade tortilla chips with several dipping sauces. Offer fresh salsa, your mother’s famous guacamole, and zesty hummus. Miniature fish tacos and tropical fruit kebabs are delicious appetizer options as well.

6. Have party games

Grab a broom handle or other long, straight stick, and create an impromptu limbo game. Offer faux floral leis for the winners to flaunt at the party. Other party games to consider include tossing rings onto pineapples, an ugly Hawaiian shirt contest, and pin-the-frond on the palm tree.

Now, let the beach party begin! Keep the beverages topped off and your guests will be ready to do the hula in no time.