Host a Halloween party for the kids

Why not plan a Halloween party each year? They're fun and full of teachable moments. This could become a new tradition in your home!

Hosting a Halloween party can bring joy to your children and provide a safer alternative to trick-or-treating. Invite friends and family so the kids can show off their costumes, gobble some creepy cuisine, and play some holiday games. Keep the theme age-appropriate, as Halloween should be fun and not too scary for the little ones. These parties give children the opportunity to take home loads of spook-tacular memories and a few handfuls of candy too!

Happy Halloween!

Start with a cute invitation you make together

Your kids will have loads of fun.

Themes are endless for this holiday—bats, ghosts, monsters, and special children’s characters. Whatever the idea, the invitations can be made simply from paper and a few odds and ends. A bewitching invitation could be a ghost shape cut from white paper. Write the party information with white crayon and send instructions to the guest to paint the ghost with dark watercolor paint. The magic information will then show up. Or print the information on an orange balloon and send it deflated in the mail. Once the balloon is blown up again your guest will have the party details. Remember that invitations spark anticipation and enthusiasm.

Get crafty with decorations. Shutterstock

Sure, you can buy Halloween decorations, but making them with your kids gets them involved in the party planning and sparks their creativity. Carve pumpkins together with all kinds of facial features. Cut bats, black cats, spiders, ghosts, and skeletons from construction paper and embellish them with craft decors. String these from the ceiling in your party room.

Drape helium-filled balloons with a white cloth and tie it at the neck to make floating ghosts. These are just a few of the many decorative crafts you can make for this holiday.

Whip up some creepy food

Whip up some creepy food. Shutterstock

Create a witch’s brew or ghost potion with an orange fruit punch carbonated with ginger ale. Freeze gummy worms inside ice cubes to add to the punch. Make eyeball jello bites by placing a blueberry into each section of an ice cube tray and filling each with yellow (lemon) gelatin. Create ghost sandwiches by cutting slices of bread into ghost shapes, spreading them with cream cheese, and adding raisin eyes. Cookies and cupcakes with orange or chocolate frosting adorned with colorful Halloween sprinkles finish the meal.

Participate in Halloween games. Shutterstock

Pin the _____ games are most popular with young children. Blindfold the kids and let them attach various paper parts to a game poster. How about “pin the wart on the witch,” “pin the smile on the pumpkin,” “pin the legs on the spider,” or “pin the whiskers on the black cat”? Decorate empty liter soda bottles and use a rubber ball to bowl, Halloween-style. A fun game that brings out the giggles in kids is to wrap a child with toilet tissue into a mummy. Set up a team of three with one child as the mummy and the other two as the wrappers. See who can do this task the best and fastest.

Send the guests home with party favors. Shutterstock

Creating treat bags as a craft is great for a trick-or-treat parade at your party. Have adults set up stations and pass out candy while the children parade in their costumes . Or purchase small favors and send your guests home with stickers, unsharpened Halloween pencils, plastic finger-rings, coloring books, and even a fancy toothbrush to remind the kids to brush their teeth after eating sweet treats.

Why not plan a Halloween party each year? They’re fun and full of teachable moments . This could become a new tradition in your home!