How to get back on the dating scene

Here are a few tips for getting back into the relationship game and finding a new partner to share your life.

When you’ve had a break from dating or been in a relationship for a long time, the thought of getting back into the dating scene can be scary. Here are a few tips for getting back into the relationship game and finding a new partner to share your life.

Put the word out

Put the word out.

Let your friends know that you are available again. They can invite prospective partners to any occasions or parties they are having so that you can meet with new people comfortably and securely. It will take the edge off first-date nerves if you can just start meeting new partners while you are with your friends or family.

If another of your friends is single, get together to have nights out where you might meet someone new. You can support each other then in your search for a new and more meaningful relationship and have someone to share your stories and worries with.

Online dating

Online dating. Shutterstock

Check out online dating sites . This can help you to decide the kinds of personalities and physical attributes that appeal to you. Many sites are free to register or browse so you can start looking without leaving the comfort of your home.

Make a list of what you look for in a relationship , your likes and dislikes, and a list of what you don’t want! It can really boost your confidence in returning to the dating scene if you know exactly what you want from a relationship. If you find someone online that you would like to meet, take precautions to stay safe on your first meeting. Take along that friend or go somewhere that is public and busy with people. If you don’t like the way the meeting is going, make your excuses and leave.

Take your time

Take your time. Shutterstock

Don’t expect to find the person of your dreams straight away. Sometimes love comes from the most unexpected places. Part of getting back out on the dating scene is to accept invitations to events you usually wouldn’t go to.

You just never know when you try something new who you might meet in the process. Join that evening class, go to that wine-tasting evening, accept that invitation to a friend of a friend’s wedding – you might be surprised with who you will end up talking to and meeting up with afterwards to form a new relationship .

Get back into the dating scene with the help of your friends and family. Go out to occasions and parties that you might otherwise have said no to. Open yourself up to meeting new people in new environments and you will soon be back on the dating scene.