How to protect your hair from this winter

Winter is around the corner and you have to be prepared to face it, specially talking about your hair. Here some tips to help you.

Does your hair dry out in the winter? Protect your hair from cold weather damage with a few simple tricks. You don’t have to lose your luster and shine just because it’s cool and windy outside. Moisturize, protect, and show off your gorgeous locks!

Daily hair-care tips

Winter is around the corner. Time to switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner . This simple step in your daily routine can help your hair stay soft and healthy even in a blistering, windy climate. If your hair tends to be oily or if you are worried about build-up from too many hair care products, then try using your clarifying shampoo once or twice a week to get rid of build-up and excess oil. When styling, use a cool setting on your blow dryer to avoid damage from the heat. Choose styling products that have plenty of nourishing ingredients, and stay away from too many potentially drying ingredients like alcohol and fragrances.

Moisturizing boost for dry hair

Scarves aren””””””””t just warm fashion accessories, they also help to protect your hair!

Another way to protect your hair from winter dryness is to do a regular deep-moisturizing treatment. Try a deep-conditioning hair mask from the store, or save money and make your own hair mask at home with ingredients like ripe avocado, coconut milk, and nourishing oils.

To make a simple, yet potent, moisturizing treatment you can warm four or five tablespoons of coconut, olive, or avocado oil by placing the a sealed plastic bag and setting it in hot water. Coat your hair with the warm oil and cover with a towel to hold in the warmth. Give the oil plenty of time to condition and nourish your hair and scalp–30 minutes is plenty of time. Shampoo as normal to rinse out the oil. Do this once or twice and week, and your hair will never lose its radiance this season.

Fashionable protection

Keep your hair safe from the elements and look great this winter with a few cold weather accessories. Wear a hat made from breathable materials like cotton or wool to protect your hair and scalp from the drying cold and wind. Knit beanie hats are a fall fashion and hair protection must-have this year. Scarves are another useful hair-care accessory. Animal prints and chunky scarves are in this year. Wear a hooded scarf on those days that you need serious protection and warmth.

A few changes to your daily hair-care routine and the extra moisture and protection from conditioning hair masks plus hats and scarves are enough to prevent dry hair during the winter. Hair is delicate and vulnerable to the environment. Give it what it needs to stay strong, healthy, and beautiful!

Photo: Flickr