Margarita flavors: recipe ideas for the tastiest drinks ever

If you've wanted to make the creative margarita flavors you've tasted at your favorite restaurant, we have the ingredients you'll want on your shopping list to create your own version.
Margarita flavors: recipe ideas for the tastiest drinks ever

Sometimes a margarita is the best remedy for whatever’s gone wrong: Break ups, break downs, or just because you need a break. There’s always an occasion to commiserate (or celebrate) with this beloved drink .

If you’ve wanted to make the creative margarita flavors you’ve tasted at your favorite restaurant, we have the ingredients you’ll want on your shopping list to create your own version.

Start fresh

Fruit is the quickest and most affordable way to jazz up your drink. Almost any kind of fresh fruit can be made into a fantastic margarita, although some give a more subtle taste than others. Below is a list of some possibilities, in the quantities needed to make four people very happy.

Mangoes : One whole mango, peeled and chopped, is enough for four servings.

Avocados : Say what? It’s true, six tablespoons of a ripe avocado , peeled and chopped can be added to a mango margarita for a new flavor.

Strawberries : Three and a half cups of these beauties (hulled) added to your drink will make your mouth happy.

Blackberries: Throw in a cup and a half of these hulled berries to create a unique and refreshing new summertime tradition.

Mixed berries : Since berries are so affordable when they’re in season, create a blend of your favorites like raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries – two cups will bring your drink to a new level.

Watermelon: Add two cups of chopped, seedless watermelon to the standard recipe for a twist on a basic margarita.

Honeydew melon: It’s no coincidence that the honeydew is in season in June – add three cups of chopped melon with any margarita recipe (maybe add 1/4 cup honey for extra sweetness), and the living in summertime just got easier.

Any of the above fruits can be added in a blender with your other margarita ingredients, then blended and served over crushed ice. Rub some lime on the rims of your glasses and dip them in salt, sugar or chili powder for even more flavor . Don’t forget to save some fruit for the garnish.

Keep it Juicy

In the event of an unexpected margarita emergency (job promotion, bad date, getting over an expensive car repair, etc.), don’t panic. Take precautions and be prepared by stocking up on s ome juice or nectar that has a long shelf life. Any of these can create enough for four servings:

Pineapple juice: Add eight ounces of this to your basic margarita recipe and an ounce of lime for a new kind of drink.

Mango nectar: Substitute eight ounces of this when mangoes aren’t in season and you’ll still have a great tasting mango margarita.

Coconut nectar: For something special, add eight ounces of coconut nectar to your mango margarita for a tropical twist.

Pomegranate juice: You only need four ounces of this to create a new margarita flavor – for extra variation, switch out the Triple Sec for Cointreau (about two ounces).

Ruby red grapefruit juice: With eight ounces of this and four ounces of limoncello , you can have a refreshing pitcher of margaritas that’s perfect for brunch.

Hibiscus tea: If you like agua de Jamaica , adapt this hibiscus flavored drink to a margarita by adding one and a half cups of the tea to your favorite margarita recipe.

Whether you like your drinks tart, fruity, or sweet, there are margarita flavors for every thirst possible. While we only give you a small list, don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors not mentioned here. Be sure to pair it up with some delicious appetizers , and you’ll find yourself looking for any excuse to fire up the blender.