Quick and easy weeknight dinners

While cooking doesn't sound like the best way to relax, with a few quick and easy recipes for weeknight dinners it is easier than you think.
Quick and easy weeknight dinners

After a long day full of work, children and the general chaos of life , it is nice to relax at home with a delicious home-cooked meal. While cooking doesn’t sound like the best way to relax, with a few quick and easy recipes for weeknight dinners it is easier than you think.

Going out to dinner or ordering in generally takes longer, is usually not as healthy and is almost always more expensive. With a little pre-planning, weeknight dinners are by far the best option.

The most important tip when cooking during the week is to prepare. One well-planned shopping trip and predetermined weekly menus can eliminate the stress of weeknight dinners. Prepare a comprehensive list of at least four simple dinners and try to use the same ingredient in multiple dishes to save money and reduce waste. Here are four recipes that can be planned for one week . Wondering about that dreaded fifth day? Leftovers are a working woman’s best friend. Use leftovers for your fifth meal or to eat for lunches during the week.

Purchase a pre-cooked chicken at your local market and cut up to serve. Save some chicken for the day two recipe. Boil your favorite potatoes (red and Yukon have the best flavors), mash then add butter, milk and seasoning to taste. Include your favorite frozen vegetables on the side (cook according to package directions).

Leftover chicken! Day 2 – Adobo-seasoned chicken pot pie

In a large pot add cream of chicken soup, a frozen vegetable mix and bring to a boil. Add the leftover chicken and season with pepper and adobo seasonings. Roll out refrigerated pie crust and place in a pie dish. Add the cooked mixture, and top with another pie crust. Brush the top of the pie with melted butter, sprinkle the edges with additional adobo seasoning, and create a decorative opening in the crust with a knife. Bake until brown, serve!

Spice it up! Day 3 – Steak fajitas with rice

Purchase a good quality skirt or flank steak and marinate in a flavorful mixture the night before (lime juice, water, soy sauce, garlic and cayenne pepper). Cook steak on the grill or in a cast-iron skillet. Serve with warm tortillas, sour cream, avocado, and Mexican cheese. For a side, whip up a simple pre-packaged rice.

Get some fish in your diet! Day 4 – Salmon tacos with slaw

Salmon is a simple fish to cook and is packed with nutrition. Season salmon with salt and pepper, cook in a skillet on medium heat with a small amount of olive oil. Serve hot fish with tortillas and a fresh slaw. For a simple cabbage slaw mix shredded cabbage, lime juice, avocado and salt.