Sneak a workout into your busy workweek

Make room for it in your schedule book to help prevent health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Sure, your workweek is filled with appointments and everyday responsibilities, but you can still find time for a workout. Regular exercise is essential to your well-being.

Make room for it in your schedule book to help prevent health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Latinas are 17 times more likely than non-Hispanic Caucasian women to die from diabetes . The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases says that osteoporosis is just as prevalent among Latinas as it is among Caucasian women. Committing to regular physical activity is a powerful step that you can take to prevent these health issues.

The working mom

Working mom.

Balancing work and taking care of children can be extremely challenging. In between your job, doctor’s appointments, and swimming lessons, how can you possibly squeeze in a workout ? The best exercise tactic for the working mom is the early morning workout.

Set your alarm clock 40 minutes earlier than usual, preferably before the little ones wake up. Rub your eyes, sip a cup of tea, and then spend 30 minutes exercising. Making a trip to the gym may take too much time. Try going for a brisk walk or jog outside or find a space inside your home to do yoga , Pilates, or weight training, or to jump rope. Once the kids are awake and it is time to start the day, you will already have your workout completed and you will get to enjoy an early morning endorphin boost!

The career woman

Career woman.

Even if you don’t have a lot of family responsibilities , getting through the workweek can still be a task in itself. There are wonderful opportunities for exercise during your busy day if you just look for them. For example, get in the habit of walking with a co-worker for half of your lunch break.

A little physical activity after a healthy meal will help revitalize you for those late afternoon meetings. You can also fit in a workout after your job. Join an aerobics or cycling class two or three evenings during the week. This is an excellent way to sweat out any stress from work . Save time by going straight from your job to your exercise class or the gym.

The full-time mom

Full-time mom.

Being a full-time mother can be demanding. The work of preparing nutritious meals , keeping the house clean, and taking the kids to and from school and other activities can leave you feeling exhausted by bedtime. To find time to exercise , be creative. Walk the kids to school or walk to the post office or the market for fresh air and a great workout.

Join a mommy-and-me yoga class for some exercise as well as some bonding time. While the clothes are in the washing machine, the paella is on the stove, and the baby is sleeping, devote 20 minutes to your health. Use free weights to tone your arms and then use simple floor exercises to strengthen your abs, back, and legs.

If all you can squeeze in is 10 minutes of jumping rope or a brisk walk, you are still doing your health a favor. Make an effort to prioritize exercise , no matter how busy your workweek may be. Whether you are a full-time mom, have a full-time career, or balance both, there are pockets of time within a hectic day; so, get moving and start feeling great!