Staying healthy by the numbers

Simple recommendations to keep yourself, your kids and your home as healthy as you can.

This season, the flu is still going strong. Keep yourself, your kids and your home as healthy as you can.

1 key strategy

Adriana Trullo.

A key to flu prevention is to get vaccinated. Adriana Trullo, registered nurse and member of the Hispanic Nurses Network created by the Clorox Company and healthcare advocates, recommends that healthy people, babies 6 months of age or older and people over 65 should be vaccinated against the flu.

Some people, however, should not get the vaccine including those with certain severe allergies or illnesses. If you have any doubts about whether you meet the criteria, see your doctor.

5 tips to keep kids healthy

Your kids should eat dark green, red and yellow fruits and veggies.

Keep up with general healthy habits , like eating dark green, red and yellow fruits and veggies, and make sure your children are getting between 10 and 12 hours of sleep. That boosts their immune system, says Trullo.

Get in touch with the director of your children’s school to find out what their strategies are for preventing flu or the spread of viruses. Ask about their sick child policy and their cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

When your children come home from school, Trullo recommends changing them out of their school clothes, washing their hands and even bathing them.

If they do get sick, keep them home from school for at least 24 hours after fever and other symptoms have stopped presenting, she says.

Help keep children from spreading germs by teaching them to cough into the crooks of their elbows instead of their hands, and to wash their hands often.

A good rule of thumb is to wash hands long enough to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.

10 minutes to a less germy home and workspace

It”ll only take 10 minutes to cut down germs of your home and office.

It’ll only take 10 minutes to cut down on the number of germs of your home and office, says Trullo. She recommends Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, which she says kill 99 percent of germs.

In 10 minutes you can wipe down door handles, faucets, doorknobs, light switches, remote controls and phones (be careful of those sensitive to moisture), computer keyboards, counter tops and tables, and bathroom handles.

Viruses can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours and adults can spread the virus 24 hours before symptoms appear and 3 to 7 days after they have passed.