Strip down! Light, fresh makeup for spring

Here's how to amplify your features and look polished without appearing too overdone.
Strip down! Light, fresh makeup for spring

Keep it simple this spring. Instead of layering on lots of color , go for a light, fresh makeup look. No, not boring. Neutral. Here’s how to amplify your features and look polished without appearing too overdone.

Spring is here!

Start by smoothing your skin with a beauty balm , or BB. This three-in-one moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen hides minor blemishes like pimples, freckles, and wrinkles. As a bonus, many BBs come with a touch of tint to give your skin that sun-kissed glow.

Don’t forget to reapply the balm every two hours if you’ll be outside for an extended period. The sunscreen in the makeup helps ward off damaging sun rays and ugly sun spots.

Enhance, don’t cover

Now that you have a smooth canvas to work with, it’s time to enhance your features , not hide them under a layer of thick, goopy makeup. Start by applying a clear or pale-tone lip gloss. Choose a hydrating formula that not only adds shine but also nourishes the skin with vitamin E and natural moisturizers such as coconut oil.

Next, make your eyes stand out. Choose a basic black eyeliner to amplify the curve of your eyes. For a more flirty warm-weather look, try pastel hues such as lavender or green against darker South American skin tones . If you have lighter yellow undertones, go for a richer color, such as emerald, blue or purple.

Stick to neutrals

Finally, stick to earth-tone neutrals for a fresh makeup look for spring. Add a sweep of cocoa or caramel- colored eyeshadow to the browline. Choose a shade just a little darker than your natural Latina skin tone .

For a more rich party look, opt for shades of gold with a touch of shimmer. Explore natural mineral-based makeup made with mica to add a healthy sparkle to your skin. Finally, use a soft peach blush to define your jaw line and add a healthy blushing glow to your skin tone.

Pretty nails

When it comes to overhauling your look for the season, don’t forget your nails : both toes and fingers. With sandal season upon us it’s important to maintain your fingernails and toenails. Start by giving both a moisturizing oil treatment. Try a dab of coconut oil or jojoba oil . Once the moisturizer has soaked in and hydrated the nail beds, it’s time for polish.

Keep the look simple with a classic French manicure , or opt for a coat of light pink or peach to give your nails a subtle wash of color. Need something a little more glitzy? Have tiny rhinestones adhered to your pinky nails for a touch of sparkle.

Keep your makeup basic and light for spring so your natural beauty can shine through!