Trendy, cute earrings to spruce up your look

Cute earrings really do make a difference to your overall look.

Jewelry can accessorize your outfit in so many ways. Cute earrings are the perfect accessory to spruce up any outfit. They can add subtle flair, or they can be the showstopper of your look. Here are few tips on how to make trendy earrings work with different looks.

Studs for your work duds

Studs for your work duds. Shutterstock

Stud earrings can range from classic to fashionable styles . The great thing about these earrings is that even the more extravagant styles work well when your clothing has to be professional or modest. Classic diamond, pearl, or other gem stud earrings look elegant and are low-key.

They are the perfect accessory to wear to a professional business meeting with higher-ups or clients. Large studs that are colorful, like floral designs, are good on casual Fridays and for days when you do not have a meeting to attend.

  • Look to try: Clustered, colored, pearl stud earrings with a casual, citrus-hued skirt suit.

Save your cute hoops for after-hours

Save your cute hoops for after-hours. Shutterstock

Hoops are very cute earrings to wear when you go out to have fun . Large, thin-gauge, wire hoop earrings are somehow both subtle and flashy. They do not overpower your outfit, but they’re chic enough to make your nighttime look pop . Thicker hoop earrings or multi-hoop earrings are great to make a solid color outfit look a bit flashier. A black halter jumpsuit is sexy, but you can add that touch of flash with multi-hoop earrings. The hoops will not take away from the jumpsuit but instead enhance your overall look.

  • Look to try: Large, thin, gold wire hoops with a sexy black, cowl-neck dress.

Drop earrings for almost any occasion


Drop earrings are the most versatile style of earrings you can wear. Simple, single-stoned, drop earrings are great for work. If you are into the club scene, chandelier-style, drop earrings are sexy, especially when worn with shoulder-baring garments. For formal and semi-formal events, jeweled drop earrings add a touch of elegance and refinement to your outfit. They are particularly lovely when worn with a little black cocktail dress.

  • Look to try: Teardrop earrings with a floral cocktail dress.
Cute earrings really do make a difference to your overall look. These accessories can help refine your style, add a touch of flair, or bring your sexy back. Use these tips to help you pick the best option to wear from your cute earring stash!