Wired family: tablets and tools

Mobile devices will help you to coordinate or save you time, keep your to-do list under control, or just help take something off your plate.

Discover mobile devices and apps that work for you.

Surface Windows 8 Pro archivo

Surface Windows 8 Pro

For those who love the portability of a tablet , but don’t love tablet functionality for work, the Surface by Microsoft might be a good option. This tablet has both touch-screen display (that you can also use with a stylus), Office Suite programs and mobile apps. The extended and removable keyboard- called Type Cover- lets you type as you would on a laptop.

Apps for you.

An ideal travel companion, Google’s 7-inch touch screen tablet features Google Now, an operating system that presents users with time sensitive and automatic information alerts or “cards”, giving you traffic and weather information, calendar and mail alerts. What’s more, it has gaming-quality display, comes with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). When you are away from your full office and desktop configurations, this tablet will keep you up to speed.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Samsung

Galaxy Note 10.1 .

This heftier tablet with a 1 0-inch display by Samsung was made for the modern multitasker . You can work in more than one application using the “multi-view” capability. For instance, you can view a web browser while writing in a notes app, or watch a video while writing an e-mail. Using the stylus you can write directly on documents and take notes almost the old fashioned way. Creative professionals might appreciate its image editing capability.

Apps for you

Nexus 7.

Whether for mobile, tablet or via web, these apps help coordinate or save you time, keep your to-do list under control, or just help take something off your plate.

  • Mailstrom : A new survey revealed that workers spend about a quarter of their day on e-mail. If that time could be spent being more productive, consider Mailstrom, a web app that accesses your inbox, sends you a report on your e-mail volume, top senders and top subjects and helps you eliminate clutter.
  • AdBlockPlus : In addition to blocking ads, this web app also disables tracking software, protects against visiting phishing websites that pose as popular websites, and disables social media buttons that social media sites use to customize your experience on their sites.
  • Cozi Family Organizer : Part daily agenda, to-do list, shopping list, note taker, journal and event calendar, this multi-tasking app for mobile , tablet and desktop keeps your personal and family life on track.

LogMeIn : Access and control your personal, professional and kids’ computers using this mobile app.