Jennifer Lopez’s mom has one thing to say about health

What does Guadalupe Rodriguez, mother to the lovely Jennifer Lopez, have to say about your health? One very important thing, according to a new campaign…

In this image released by HSN, Jennifer Lopez shares a moment with her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, during a live appearance for the debut of her new fragrance “Love and Light” in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Saturday, July 2, 2011. (AP Photo/HSN, Jason Henry)

What does Guadalupe Rodriguez, mother to the lovely Jennifer Lopez, have to say about your health? One very important thing, according to a new campaign from the Obama Administration called “YourMomCares.”

If you’re young and uninsured, now is the time to make sure you sign up for health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of people in the United States without health insurance have gained access to it, but the key is to enroll while there is still time–before March 31st.

To this end, Guadalupe Rodriguez and a host of other celebrity mothers have come together to help spread the last minute word that the insurance deadline is fast approaching.

“Trust me, us moms put up with a lot,” Jonah Hill’s mom, Sharon Feldstein, said in the YourMomCares video. “But one thing we should never have to put up with is our kid not having health care. Seriously do you want your mother to have a nervous breakdown?” Feldstein added. “You need health insurance. It’s imperative that you have health insurance.”

The ultimate goal is to encourage the younger, uninsured generation to participate in the health coverage program. According to a report from Kaiser Health News, young people, as one of the largest and healthiest groups in the United States, are important for keeping the costs associated with the ACA manageable. The more healthy people (regardless of age) who buy into the health insurance marketplace, the more money there is to subsidize those who are older and need to take advantages of more benefits.

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The more people paying into a pool, the lower the costs to the individual, and the healthier those people who pay in, the fewer claims and the greater the amount available to those who do need to use it.

“Jennifer walked at 8 months and she was climbing out of her crib when she was a year old,” recalled J.Lo’s mother in the video. “At one point I thought, ‘Well, maybe she should be a gymnast.’”

No matter what he daughter’s aspirations, however, the celebrity mother knew the importance health insurance would play in life, one of the reasons she and the other mothers agreed to help spread awareness regarding the importance of timely enrollment.

The importance of the ACA for young adults: Beyond making insurance affordable

The success of the ACA may be reliant on the number of healthy individuals who decide to take part, but there are many other reasons young, healthy people should take advantage of affordable health care. Aside from the obvious benefit of emergency care for those unpredictable moments, experts indicate having health insurance benefits young adults in a number of other ways.

Without health insurance, the Young, Uninsured and in Debt report shows young adults might be more likely to lose contact with a regular medical provider, take on substantial medical debt of $4,000 or more, and delay getting care, filling a prescription, receiving a medical test or  going for a follow-up appointment.

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“Clearly, young adults recognize the value of health insurance that provides protection against burdensome medical debt and access to needed health care,” said Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis. “The Affordable Care Act will provide all Americans with affordable coverage, and help young adults achieve healthy, productive, and financially secure futures.”

Some young adults–those under the age of 26–can also benefit from staying on their parents’ health plans for an extended period of time. This allows young individuals the ability to stave off medical debt while dealing with the other overwhelming costs of entering adulthood, such as student debt and housing costs.