Kate Winslet swears by the facial analysis diet: Should you?

You may not have heard of Kate Winslet’s secret weapon against weight loss–the facial analysis diet–but the actress swears the program was what helped her…

Actress Kate Winslet swear by the facial analysis diet. (Shutterstock/ Image Worx)

You may not have heard of Kate Winslet’s secret weapon against weight loss–the facial analysis diet–but the actress swears the program was what helped her finally lose weight post-pregnancy. And Kate didn’t just lose a little weight, she lost almost fifty pounds.

Just what is this seemingly miraculous diet plan? It’s a program designed around your facial features and what they indicate you should or shouldn’t eat. According to celebrity nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud who pioneered the diet plan, tone, texture and shape of the face can all indicate organ health and nutritional needs.

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“I look for markings, facial color and skin texture. This tells me which minerals the body is lacking,” Gibaud explained to the Daily Mail. “If a plant is unwell it turns several different colors before it finally goes black,” she explained. “This is because it is lacking certain vital minerals essential for survival. Our bodies react to mineral deficiencies in similar ways.”

The facial analysis diet basics

The Every Diet organization indicates the facial analysis diet isn’t one of the easiest to follow; individuals who are interested in this weight loss tool need to purchase a book or make an actual appointment to have a detox plan designed specifically for them.

Different facial characteristics can suggest different things, and every person is unique. For example, open pores could mean that you have too much acid in your system, and red or puffy cheeks may be the sign of intolerance to dairy products according to the facial analysis diet.

Once your individual features have been evaluated, a two-day detox is designed to kick the diet off.

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As a general rule, all dieters are advised against caffeine and alcohol and advised to stick to whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice, potatoes, oats, unsalted butter, salad, steamed vegetables, and fresh fruit.

Certain feature of the face can help in facial analysis.

Using the facial analysis diet experts look at physical characteristics to determine nutritional needs. (Shutterstock)

“One man came in and looked slim and relaxed but I could see from a point just above the eyebrows that his liver was sluggish,” said Elizabeth. “So I asked him if he slept really deeply but still woke up feeling tired. He was amazed and immediately said yes. So I knew the liver was the problem. Similar markings on someone else could simply mean a late night. It all depends on the overall picture, so don’t try any self-diagnosis at home.”

But does this diet really work?

Experts aren’t so sure. According to those who have tried the facial analysis diet, the diet plan does not encourage exercise nor does it include all food types. What’s more, the seemingly customizable plan is only individual-specific during the detox process, after that, most dieters adhere to the same diet.

Why does this result in weight loss?

Primarily because meal options are low in calories, and entire food groups are often eliminated. There is also an emphasis on avoiding salt, sugar, dairy and processed foods, but this is a good rule for all people and is not influenced by any facial features.

Despite the skepticism surrounding the facial analysis diet, Gibaud stands by her process, stating she has a 95 percent success rate using the diet plan among clients.

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