How to know if he’s really the one

Having a boyfriend isn’t the same as sharing your life with a husband. Perhaps that is the reason why it is the norm to have…
How to know if he’s really the one

Ask yourself if you are ready to find your true prince. (Shutterstock)

Having a boyfriend isn’t the same as sharing your life with a husband. Perhaps that is the reason why it is the norm to have several relationships before marriage. We can even get married and end up in a divorce to go back to try again as part of another couple.

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And the fact is that not all of your suitors have wanted or been suited to be your husband.

In the case of a husband, it is very difficult to predict whether the relationship will last forever, but there are signs that indicate to you whether the bond you have with this man you are so in love with is strong enough to withstand the test of time… so, is he THE ONE?

1. You have general goals in common. Getting married and thinking about sharing the rest of your life, or at least a few years, with someone else requires that the goals and objectives in your lives are as similar as possible. Issues such as wanting to become parents or not, and religious or professional and economic goals for each one are essential when it comes to forging a long-term link.

2. He accepts you as you are. He knows your habits, your cultural background and, although he may not share each of them, he accepts them, in the same way that you accept his peculiarities.

3. He gives you the space you need. This guy respects your independence as an individual and does not feel that it is a threat to the relationship. He understands that there are times when you need to be alone and even miss him. He supports your projects even though he is not necessarily a part of them himself.

4. You know how to solve problems and have discussions in the best way. Communication is excellent between the two of you. If there is any disagreement, you are able to sit and talk about it calmly, point-by-point. You are never offended, insulted, and feel free to share or disagree with respect for the other. You don’t feel threatened or frightened by thinking differently because you know that it is not a problem, in any case it is a step to grow a little more on the relationship stairs.

On the other hand, you will know that he is not THE ONE when…

  • His family is a big problem, the white elephant in the room. When you marry a man, you somehow marry his family too. If that is not right, there will be serious problems later.
  • You let yourself get carried away by the romance of the perfect moment when he proposed… but after a few days, you don’t feel the same and you’re not sure about the idea. You don’t need to drag yourself into something as important as a marriage because you gave your word. Recanting now will be less painful than later.
  • He has been verbally or physically violent with you in your relationship. Don’t think marriage will change him. Make no mistake, if he’s violent now, it will only get worse. An aggressive man does not deserve second chances much less that you fall into the trap of marrying him.When you get married, the union between you both will be even stronger and he could fall into the pattern of thinking that you belong to him and he can do whatever he wants. If he dared to be violent as boyfriend… he certainly will be as your husband!
  • What unites you the most is what happens in the bedroom. Of course, sex is fundamental to make a marriage work. In fact, if you don’t have good sex, it will likely appear as a matrimonial crisis later. But it is also true that the passion has to be accompanied by all the above points. Be careful because you need more than passion (and orgasms) to marry!

In addition to all these clues, to see if he is THE ONE, the first thing you have to do is look inside yourself. Are you desperate to get married and you’ve lowered your requirements? This is no reason to build a family with the first guy that appears in your life.

Look for the perfect person for you. The idea of sharing your life with someone should be come from love and a willingness to live every day with that person, so, ask yourself if you are ready to find your true prince and then don’t settle for anything less!

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