Hilda Solis for supervisor

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors manages an enormous bureaucracy with an annual budget of $25 billion, which impacts everyone’s lives—through public safety, transportation and health care, among others. We believe that Hilda Solis is the most suitable candidate to represent District 1, the seat that Supervisor Gloria Molina is leaving.

Solis has a long track record as legislator in various levels of government, as well as being a former U.S. labor secretary. She knows how to handle bureaucracies and work with legislatures to benefit the district.

Regarding specific issues like the sheriff’s department and the jail, Solis thinks that there should be more work to decrease criminal recidivism. She also believes in decentralization and thinks that the next sheriff’s opinion about plans for the new prison should be taken into account. Solis supports the creation of a civil commission, similar to the one in the police department, to oversee the sheriff’s department. This is in contrast to her two rivals, El Monte Councilman Juventino Gomez and Long Beach Unified School District police officer April Saucedo Hood, who oppose this commission.

A centralized budget, according to Solis, is one way to regain control of the child protection service. She also intends to reduce the caseload of social workers and work more strategically.

In addition to her experience, Solis will contribute her knowledge and special sensitivity when it comes to the great and diverse immigrant community living in the district. For example, she is committed to strengthening the system of health promoters as one way for undocumented immigrants to have access to health care, even though they are not included in Obamacare.

Because of all this, vote for Hilda Solis for District 1 supervisor!