It’s time to head to the polls

Tuesday is an Election Day in Los Angeles, and we must make our voices heard. During this primary, voters will elect candidates for positions ranging from the governor of California to members of the municipal School Board. Our recommendations were published in yesterday’s issue and will be published again tomorrow.

There is concern that voter absenteeism will become the winner on this day. Last year, during the mayoral election, only 23.3% of eligible voters participated, making it one of the elections with the fewest votes in history.

We hope that this does not happen again, especially in our community.

We Latinos are focusing the public’s attention on a very concrete political agenda. This includes the right to incorporate into society millions of immigrants living in the shadows.

Political leaders have endlessly said, given failed attempts in Washington to pass a reform, that one of the critical steps that the Latino electorate must take is to assert themselves at the polls and demand that their elected officials respond to their needs.

This won’t happen if we remain silent. While this primary won’t be a definitive step to decide on a winner, it will result in the election of two candidates for the general election. In this case, since low voter turnout is expected, each vote will have more weight.

There is a lot at stake in this election. A new sheriff will be elected after the scandals, abuse and corruption reported during the previous administration. Voters will also elect two new members to the Board of Supervisors and one member to the LAUSD School Board.

It is the responsibility of voters to be informed and go to the polls. We cannot be considered a political force if we act like a “sleeping giant.”