Immigration once again

Last week, there were reports that a record number of jobs were created. This is positive news, showing that payrolls grew back to where they were before the recession. However, that does not resolve the problem of bringing millions of undocumented immigrants into the workforce.

During that same week, powerful businesses joined forces to send Washington a message calling for immigration reform, once and for all.

The initiative that this group of companies supports is not isolated; industries that move this country have joined this wave of support. They are highlighting a real problem: the need to regularize millions of undocumented immigrants who can become a driving force for the economy.

Months ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg formed an alliance in Silicon Valley, calling for flexibility in the immigration system. The country’s wealthiest area is demanding changes so that immigrant workers can join the economy.

In recent weeks, the agriculture industry requested a similar solution, since it has a lot of vacant jobs and needs more farmworkers.

So many voices can’t be wrong. We need those workers who are still in limbo, living in the shadows.

Washington must heed the calls of these successful businesses. We can’t let lawmakers continue to drag their feet on a critical issue for this country.

Members of Congress need to figure out that the wishes of businesspeople are fair requests that should be fulfilled.

We understand that this is not just an immigration issue. It is also a process that can contribute to the economic recovery and to improving our country.