A ‘Dirty Weekend’ might just be what you need

What is a Dirty Weekend? It’s a concept coined by Europeans, a weekend entirely dedicated to lust. Couples travel with one particular goal: to lock themselves up…

A dirty weekend might be just what your couple needs. It’s a vacation dedicated to sex! (KOPYTIN GEORGY/SHUTTERSTOCK)

What is a Dirty Weekend?

It’s a concept coined by Europeans, a weekend entirely dedicated to lust. Couples travel with one particular goal: to lock themselves up in a hotel room and have sex until they’re worn out.

Travel agencies have been quick to cash in on this type of tourism, offering affordable packages in destinations where there is nothing else to do really; no pubs, clubs, movie theaters, museums or sight-seeing, so that couples can focus on the main reason for the trip: to get down and dirty.

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This unusual trend started out in Denmark, where the birth rate has dropped to alarming levels – the old country is seriously getting old – so they decided to promote sex-filled destinations. Slow population growth is a serious socioeconomic problem in many countries, so this Danish initiative is a life-saver.

Vacations are in fact one of the best times to have sex. There is such a thing as a conception moon, in lieu of a honeymoon. This is a vacation where the sole purpose is getting pregnant. Stress can decrease the possibility of conception because it affects a certain part of the brain, the hypothalamus, the gland responsible for regulating hormones in women, including those that affect the menstrual cycle, and testosterone levels in men. Furthermore, it decreases libido, which makes having sex difficult. A vacation takes the edge off and sets things up for getting some nookie.

For example, one company called Spies Travel offers an “ovulation weekend” package, with special discounts for couples that go on vacation during the woman’s fertile days. If they actually manage to conceive during the getaway, the new family will receive the grand prize of three years worth of baby’s expenses paid plus several mini vacations for the whole family.

The statistics in Denmark showed that 46% of couples are more sexually active when they travel, so the slogan “Do it for Denmark!”summons people to have sex for procreation purposes.

Maybe the Danish are on to something. Whether you want kids or not, a Dirty Weekend will surely make you feel much more connected to your partner come Monday morning. The best scenario is a bucolic, but not wildly interesting, destination so you don’t forget what you actually went there for. No need to go to Europe; in Jamaica you can lock yourself up at Hedonism II, an exclusive nudist hotel, only for couples, with mirrors literally covering the walls.

If you don’t want to travel that far, the Jules Undersea Lodge is an underwater hotel in Florida; or you can go to Las Vegas and spend a sex-filled weekend at Rumor Hotel Boutique; and if what turns you on is old British burlesque, go to the Chocolate Boutique, in Bournemouth, UK. If you want a real “Dirty Weekend,” what better destination than The Pigsty, a former pigsty-cum-hotel in North Yorkshire, England, where you can do the nasty. If you prefer the Caribbean, you may try Le Meridien in St. Maarten with its wonderful private beach.

If you’re really broke you can always go for a staycation. Lock yourselves up at home, turn off your cellphone and all electronics. Indulge in a real dirty weekend on the carpet in the living room, the kitchen table, in bed, in the shower, whatever works. The main thing is that you find time to have plenty of sex.

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