A signal of cynicism

According to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the crisis of minors crossing the border should be tackled by sending “a clear signal”: deporting youths who have spent their lifetimes in the U.S. and had no choice but to make our country their only home.

It is absurd to make a connection between a teenager arriving to our country today and someone who attended and graduated from a U.S. school and wants to serve his or her country in the armed forces. Likewise, it is ridiculous to think that deporting the Dreamers will stop the exodus of youths escaping the violence in their home countries and in some cases, seeking to reunite with their families.

The point is that this incongruous narrative fits perfectly with Republican plans in the House of Representatives, which without needing a crisis, voted months ago to deport the beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Let’s not forget that this was the only immigration-related measure that the House approved.

There was much talk about border security and how to replace the comprehensive reform that the Senate passed with separate bills. In reality, the Republican majority decided not to submit any bill to a full vote. Today, it is hypocritical to blame immigration reform for paralyzing necessary action. The House of Representatives has shown time and again that when it is interested in an issue, no one can stop the voting, as controversial as it may be.

On the other hand, continuing the narrative, DACA is an example of the president’s abuse of power. Apparently, not so much, because the lawsuit that is being planned against the president for that reason does not mention immigration or DACA. However, it is political exploitation and does not need coherence, logic or truthfulness.

Their intention is exploiting the crisis to punish the Dreamers now, since it could not be done before. It does not seem to matter that there is no relationship between DACA’s youths and the minors at the border. Today, there is a race between Republican senators and representatives to see who can be tougher with the Dreamers, because they are a bad example—despite the fact that recent arrivals will never be able to apply for deferred action.

This is about political maneuvering for the November legislative elections at the expense of the undocumented, since it would seem that immigrants are all alike, according to the negative stereotype being promoted.

It is true that eliminating DACA and deporting the Dreamers will send a “signal,” like Issa wants. It will show unlimited cynicism that is capable of punishing innocent youths who can make positive contributions to society, all to take advantage of the suffering of thousands of Latino children in order to harass the White House.