Culture Collide Festival brings international music, food and arts

Perhaps you didn’t hear about bands such as Takeoff & Landings, of Peru, or Pins, from the UK, or The Oaths, of Mexico. The list…
Culture Collide Festival brings international music, food and arts

Culture Collide is an international, multicultural melting pot of music, culinary, and the art of travel. (Courtesy

Perhaps you didn’t hear about bands such as Takeoff & Landings, of Peru, or Pins, from the UK, or The Oaths, of Mexico. The list can go on, with artists from countries like Israel, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Australia, Turkey, and more.

But the opportunity to hear them and discover a new world of music is right around the corner when Culture Collide Festival starts, October 14th and 15th in San Francisco, moving later to Los Angeles, October 16-18, and finally going to New York October 23rd and 24th.

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What is so unique about Culture Collide?

  • Inexpensive tickets: Only $30 dollars for the three days event (Los Angeles) and $20 for the two days ones (San Francisco and New York)
  • Different venues: In each city, the festival takes place in an area involving several clubs or venues.
  • International drinks, food and art.
  • Opinions exchange at the Creative Summit.
  • Music discovery: A great opportunity for attendees to discover their new favorite or original band since a big percentage of the performers are little known bands.

Culture Collide was launched five years ago in Los Angeles and this year is expanding to San Francisco and New York with the intention to “[…] deliver fresh inspiration daily —in the form of the best music from around the world, craft brews, dining and travel tips, gadget reviews, and more.”

So opportunity knocks for many new bands.

This is the case of Alphabetics, a rock band from Costa Rica.

“We’ve been twice in Texas but this is our first time in California,” said Alejandro Baviera, drummer of the band. “And we are going to a festival!”

Alphabetics started in 2011. “We came from other bands, we knew each other and our background was heavy metal,” explained Alejandro Pacheco, vocals and guitar player. “At the beginning we were interested on sounding ‘techno’ but we rather started playing classic rock, and later we incorporated synthesizers.”

Alphabetics combines the sound of indie and heavy metal rock with and original mix of English and Spanish lyrics. The result? You’ll ask for more!

Currently, Alphabetics combines different musical influences, including some folk. “We incorporated some latino flavor,” said Bryan Rothschild, the band’s bass player. This is not small detail for a band with most of it’s lyrics in English, which it’s members consider a “natural” thing.

They are not alone.

Culture Collide celebrates its fifth year

Culture Collide aims to inspire you with our curated mix of the best music from around the world. Takeoff & Landings band. (Courtesy:

The second out of three Latin American bands to participate at Culture Collide also brings a language cross over to the Festival.

“We are interested on the main stream market… But we still have the Latino accent,” said Christofer Farfán, drummer of Takeoff & Landings, from Lima, Perú. “We are very happy we were invited to Culture Collide!”

The singer’s voice, Naama Bengtsson, combined with the indie beat of Takeoff & Landings brings a fresh tone the Latin American rock scenario, and now to USA.

Curiously enough, the band’s only recording is a demo tape with four songs. Still, throughout their live presentations they made a name for themselves in a short period of time.

“We got together in 2013, each of us were part of other bands before,” said Farfan. “We are working on our first album which we expect to release before the end of the year.”

During a visit to California, he attended Culture Collide before. “I like this festival… In USA people go to festivals and really pay attention to the music!,” explained Farfan during a phone conversation.

“The future? I am optimistic… I see the band playing in several countries, we are happy about our style and knowing people like us make as stronger!”

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