Tom Pérez for Attorney General

The Justice Department needs to be led by somebody experienced enough to manage this federal agency, and committed to defend the rights and protections of all the people in the U.S., regardless of their gender, sexual preference and migratory status. This person is Tom Pérez, the current Labor Secretary.

President Barack Obama accepted a while ago Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, which won’t be effective until a successor is designated. Some reports have mentioned, among the possible candidates, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan and ex White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, among others. The latest is considered a favorite because of her closeness to the president.

However, Pérez appeared as the ideal candidate both for the most progressive sectors and the Latino legislative caucus. It’s no wonder.

Pérez knows the Justice Department like few others, having worked in it in all previous administrations going back to Ronald Reagan, with the exception of George W. Bush’s. This gives him the knowledge needed to manage the agency.

At the same time, Pérez has the right vision to pursue Holder’s work in defense of voter’s rights in the face of a wave of restrictive voting laws in Republican-governed states. Evidence of this is his reorganization of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Pérez’ commitment to minority rights and his defense of immigrants has gained him some critics in Congress, but that should not be an obstacle for his confirmation.

The president plans to designate his candidate after the November election, hoping that a special Senate session will confirm him before the beginning of the new legislature. This can be done with a simple majority.

The Attorney General’s main mission is watching over the rights of all Americans. Tom Pérez has the will, the knowledge and the compassion to occupy that post