Say Yes to Propositions 1 & 2

On November 4, there will be two initiatives on the ballot with the power to reinforce the state’s structure to guarantee water supply and to stabilize the budget. These measures deserve the support of the voters.

Propositions 1 and 2, respectively, are being backed by Governor Jerry Brown. They were approved by the Legislature, and now Californians must ratify or reject them.

The measures seek to solve two problem areas that have been – and still are – in crisis: the budget and water.

Proposition 1 authorizes bonds for up to $7,120 million to fund hydraulic infrastructure projects, allocates money to the General Fund to pay for the bonds, and requires some projects to obtain funding from non-government sources before gaining access to public bonds.

In sum, the measure proposes several investments that will protect drinking water by preventing contamination in different ways, and expand the system of reserves and storage of the vital fluid.

California is in the midst of the worst drought in its history. Proposition 1 does not solve all our water problems, but its urgency becomes evident when we take into account the weather, growth and the needs of our state.

On the other hand, Proposition 2 aims to stabilize the state budget so that a reserve fund is created during prosperous times. Simultaneously, it will allow some flexibility during times of crisis like the current period.

This initiative, a constitutional amendment, will benefit investments when the state’s financial health is good. During lean times, the measure will prevent draconian cuts to public services like the ones that were made in recent years.

Both propositions fulfill crucial tasks for all Californians. Their approval will lessen the negative impact of long droughts and profound economic recessions. We should support both measures. On November 4th, vote “Yes” on Propositions 1 and 2!