Our recommendations

These are our recommendations for Tuesday’s election.


Jerry Brown, Jr.

Governor Jerry Brown, Jr. has done an extraordinary job in stabilizing the state’s finances. His education initiative focuses attention on English learners, and he signedthe law allowing the undocumented to apply for driver’s licenses and the Trust Act.

Lieutenant Governor:

Gavin Newsom

Newsom has done a good job in this post. He deserves to continue.

Attorney General:

Kamala Harris

Harris has been active in the defense of homeowners hurt in the mortgage crisis and in the fight against transnational gangs. She deserves to be reelected.


John Chiang

Chiang played a major role during the economic crisis. When tough decision had to be made, he did not hesitate to act in taxpayers’ best interest.


Betty Yee

She has vast financial experience and is sensitive to the needs of the neediest.

Secretary of State:

Alex Padilla

He combines the knowledge and analytical skills of an engineer on technology matters. As a lawmaker, Padilla presented measures to better regulate the influence of money in Sacramento.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Marshall Tuck

Tuck is committed to making student learning and parent involvement the priority above all other interests.

Insurance Comm.:

Dave Jones

Commissioner Jones has fulfilled the job’s main mission of consumer protection. He deserves to continue.

Los Angeles Sheriff:

Jim McDonnell

He is the candidate who will bring a refreshing change with his knowledge and experience after so many problems in the agency.

Proposition 1: Yes

This measure will stabilize the state budget in good times and bad by creating a reserve fund.

Proposition 2: Yes

This will strengthen the state’s infrastructure for saving water and cover needs for drinking water and other uses.

Proposition 45: Yes

This gives the Insurance Commissioner the power to regulate health insurance premiums in individual plans.

Proposition 46: No

A well-intended measure whose long-term effects will be much more harmful than beneficial.

Proposition 47: Yes

This measure will change the penal code so some nonviolent crimes now consideredfelonies would becomemisdemeanors. It will relieve prison overcrowding and do away with disproportionate sentences.

Proposition 48: Yes

This ratifies an agreement to build an Indian casino in Madera County.

Measure P: Yes

This is an annual property tax in Los Angeles County that will help neighborhood and regional parks and recreation centers