Calle 13’s good deed is punished in Peru

After a concert headlining Calle 13, Molotov and Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas was cancelled in Lima, Peru last week, Calle 13 saved the day…

FILE- Calle 13 delivers a free show in Peru after a concert was cancelled. Fans were happy campers, but city officials weren’t. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

After a concert headlining Calle 13, Molotov and Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas was cancelled in Lima, Peru last week, Calle 13 saved the day offering their loyal fans an impromptu free show elsewhere. The fans were happy campers, but city officials weren’t.

What was believed to be an unforgettable night in Peru, turned into a nightmare for fans and musicians when a concert featuring the Puerto Rican group and two other Latin rock bands was cancelled last minute.

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Calle 13 love their fans in Peru.

A fan takes photo of Rene from Calle 13 during a free show in Lima, Peru. (Photo: Twitter/@Mariluzbk)

The event called “Color Night Lights,” set for Thursday November 13th at El Estadio Nacional, was rescheduled until further notice. The participating acts, including Calle 13, announced the unfortunate news on Twitter.

However, vendors for the concert canceled it after alleging to the Telesur news channel that the concert promoter hadn’t paid them.

“Unfortunately for reasons beyond our control the production decided to cancel the event. Truly we really wanted to play here,” the group tweeted at around 5:30p.m. local time.

It wasn’t long enough before the group reached to Twitter again, letting their Peruvian fans know that the show must go on.

“Lima, if someone communicates with us through here and lends us guitar and bass amplifiers, we will play tonight for free, wherever,” they said.

Shortly after, the label #Calle13enLima began making the rounds, and with the help of good Samaritans, the band was able to coordinate.

As night fell, Calle 13 kept their followers updated with news of the improvised show.

“We are already coordinating, and if not we’ll just have to go ‘unplugged,’” read one tweet. In another, they stated, “We are already making the plans…I’ll let everyone know through here [Twitter].”

As 10:30p.m. rolled around, they revealed the location to take place at a Plaza San Martin.

While Calle 13 borrowed speakers, microphones and instruments, the park in Lima began to quickly fill up.

Before an estimated crowd of over 5,000 people and the permission of authorities, Calle 13 began their free show in the early wee hours of Friday.

In a show that lasted 40 minutes, Calle 13 sang songs such as “Latinoamerica,” “Baile de los Pobres,” “Fiesta de Locos,” and “La Vuelta al Mundo.”

Fans were happy campers, tweeting out the experience and their respects to the Boricuas. Calle 13 was also humbled and satisfied with the experience.

But it wasn’t all fun and games for Calle 13 and their heroic deeds.

Following the free show, many media outlets criticized the band for delivering a concert without a permit. And as a result, the city of Lima has issued a penalty of US$1,300 to Calle 13, reports TeleSur.

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No statement on the accusations has been released on behalf of the duo.

In fact, they keep happily touring Latin America and are counting down for the Latin GRAMMYs on Thursday, where they lead the nominations with ten nods.