Xuxa vs. Thalia: The battle over the Latin GRAMMY

Stop the presses! Xuxa and Thalia are in the fight for a Latin GRAMMY. The two Latina stars are in the running for “Best Latin…
Xuxa vs. Thalia: The battle over the Latin GRAMMY

XUXA, left and Thalia are in the running for a Latin GRAMMY in the category for “Best Latin Children’s Album.” Which of these two nineties singers take the title? (Photo: BMG, left/Fonovisa)

Stop the presses! Xuxa and Thalia are in the fight for a Latin GRAMMY.

The two Latina stars are in the running for “Best Latin Children’s Album;” the Mexican singer with her album “Viva Kids, Vol. 1” and the Brazilian TV personality with her album “XSPB12.” To be fair there are other contenders in the category, but lets focus on the two we actually care about.

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Both of these bombshells have been nominated for a Latin GRAMMY in the past, but only Xuxa has managed to take home the same title twice.

We take our hats off for the other great talents competing for this title; Marta Gomez & Friends, Mister G and Rita Rosa Ruesga, but we have our eyes set on these classic nineties stars. Let the battle begin!

Here’s what we like about them:

They’re both TV favorites.

Xuxa and Thalia are actresses.

Xuxa hosting her show, left. Thalia starring as “Maria la del Barrio” (Photo: Rede Globo /Televisa)

They’re both singers, with a long discography.

Xuxa and Thalia are singers.

Xuxa and Thalia CD covers (Photo: Som Livre/Melody,Fonovisa)

They’re both so freakin’ retro, vinyl records and all.

Xuxa and Thalia are from the nineties.

Xuxa and Thalia vinyl covers (Photo: Som Livre/Melody,Fonovisa)

They’ve also nailed this modeling thing.

Xuxa and Thalia take photos.

Aside being artists, they’ve also modeled in the past. (Photo: Twitter@Xuxameneghel/Pinterest)

Which has nabbed them countless magazine covers.

Xuxa and Thalia are superstars.

Xuxa and Thalia have appeared on magazines–sex bombs for many in Latin America. (Photo: BoaForma Magazine/Eres Magazine)

Everyone wanted their own Xuxa or Thalia, which explains the dolls.

Xuxa and Thalia had toys.

Every little girl wanted a Xuxa doll. (Photo: Geekscape.net/Pinterest)

And to everyone’s surprise, they are both still, very much relevant.

Xuxa and Thalia are still famous stars.

Xuxa at 51, left and Thalia at 43. Both are still relevant today, Xuxa as a TV host and Thalia with her musical career. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Vote in our poll below to let us know who wins, but here is something to think about when comparing the two:

Yes, they are both still huge deals in Latin America. So, let’s break this down and get to the nitty-gritty of who should take home the Latin GRAMMY for “Best Latin Children’s Album.”

When people hear Xuxa, everyone automatically thinks “Ilarie,” “Las Paquitas,” spaceships, and a lot of kids dancing and clapping. When they hear Thalia, they automatically think “Marimar,” telenovelas, “Amor a la Mexicana” and that time she kissed Luis Miguel on the lips.

It’s hard to link Thalia to children’s entertainment, but now that she’s a mother of two, the Mexican pop star is all about her inner child.

The singer is hyped with her first-ever children’s book and album, and it can even been seen on her social media, where she demonstrates to the world that she’s a kid-at-heart.

So to be fair, Thalia gets one point for being playful, colorful and fun, which can be appealing to any kid. (Thalia: 1, Xuxa:0)

She’s also done a lot of humanitarian work helping children and has hung out with Dora La Exploradora, so that’s two more points for her. (Thalia: 3, Xuxa:0)

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Xuxa, however, is the ultimate children’s entertainer. I mean, she’s only been doing this since early 1980s and it comes natural to her –so, one point for her. (Thalia:3, Xuxa:1)

Her animated kids show “Xou da Xuxa,” which ran in Brazil from 1986 to 1992, quickly got a lot of attention from other TV networks in Latin America. And that’s when she came into our lives with “El Show de Xuxa” in 1991.

If you’re an eighties and nineties baby, then you know the feeling of watching Xuxa burst out of that spaceship in her high-boots and jamming out to songs like “Ilarie.” One point for the nostalgia! (Thalia:3, Xuxa:2)

But even with competition from other good children’s shows of the time *cough* Tatiana *cough,* nothing compares to Xuxa and all the joy she caused in our hearts –so she gets another point for being a badass. (Thalia:3, Xuxa: 3–A TIE)

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Both stars have been equally important to Latin Americans, and we’d be glad to see either/or nab the title for “Best Latin Children’s Album.”

But truth be told, it’s only fair that the one, the only, Xuxa wins. (Thalia:3, Xuxa:4–XUXA WINS!)

Xuxa is a classic TV star.

Xuxa and “Las Paquitas” in “El Show de Xuxa” (Photo: Taringa.net)