Our Christmas Wishes

As is tradition, Christmas is a good time to make a list with our wishes for a better world.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus won’t be the one in charge of fulfilling them. In most cases those wishes require compromise, effort and a dose of Christmas generosity to see beyond oneself and personal interests. Those are some of our wishes:

* That Republicans in Congress realize that the recent executive action by President Obama is much more than a legal debate over the Constitution. We hope legislators will recognize its human ramifications, and that their opposition effectively mean a series of deportations that are destroying families.

* That the economic recovery reaches everyone in the U.S. Recent macroeconomic data show levels of job creation and economic growth unseen since 1999, while Wall Street’s stock exchange is breaking all records. But those good news don’t affect the average American, who must be contented with low-wage jobs in the services industry. Today, more than ever, we need to stress the need for decent wages, allowing workers to rise above poverty and welfare.

* That the relationship between the police and minority communities is based on a mutual understanding of the tough job of the law enforcement officials, and respect for the individual against abuse of authority, regardless of anyone’s race.

* That a different, more transparent and less corrupt Mexico could emerge after the massacre of 43 students. It took some time for the Mexican political class to recognize that the assassinated youth are the last straw for a powerless population outraged by the impunity of law enforcement officials —with the support of the politicians’ silence.

Those are some of what could be a long list of wishes, including the eradication of Ebola and the ambitions and extremisms causing wars, poverty and exploitation.

Not to mention our sincere Christmas hope for peace on Earth