The goal is Empowerment

The year 2015 promises to be full of expectations for the Hispanic community. Many things will be defined this year that could contribute to the empowerment of Latinos

These are some of the issues to keep an eye on:

* Migratory relief. What’s important now is that the rules of the process allow the biggest possible number of undocumented to take this protection against deportations. However, migratory limbos stop deportations but they do not include a path to full and deserved rights and duties.

* A living wage. The new year has brought a rise of the minimum wage in 20 states. This is the result of actions taken by state legislatures and the voters given Congress’ failure to act to raise the deteriorating wages. This increase paves the road to end poverty, and the higher purchasing power is a boost for the economy in general.

* Driving licenses. The undocumented in California will not have to live in permanent fear of having their car confiscated, among other problems, due to driving without license. Getting this permit will very likely open job opportunities, as well as being an important step towards participation and integration in this country.

* In Latin America. It’s a complex and diverse continent, but let’s focus in two points: Mexico and Cuba. The neighboring country is at a critical juncture after the teachers massacre. Peña Nieto’s government is facing heightened awareness and a call to change by the Mexican people. The reestablishment of relations with Cuba, on the other hand, is opening countless opportunities and hope.

* Diversity. The United States is a melting pot of cultures that benefit the nation. Latinos, with their rich language, work ethic and singularity, have made their presence felt throughout all of society and the economy.

All of this contributes to the empowerment of Latinos. The goal is achieving full political, economic and cultural participation, as befits a first-class citizen. The time of giving Hispanics crumbs is over