Editorial: A Fairer Country for All

Obama is proposing concrete changes to benefit the middle class
Editorial: A Fairer Country for All
The economy is improving, but not for everyone.
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Obama wants a fairer country for all. The President announced in his State of the Unión address that it’s time to share the benefits of growth with the middle class and everybody who has worked hard in the economic recovery.

As all of us paid and suffered for the crisis, the President is determined not to leave behind again those who have suffered the most. “An economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well” is unacceptable.

Extreme inequality is a cancer no nation can sustain. Obama is calling for reclaiming the best times when the U.S. became great thanks to widespread opportunity, a strong middle class, and the American dream of giving and receiving thanks to everyday effort. This effort deserves a reward that many do not receive because less than 1% of the population, and the big corporations, reap the benefits.

The United States’ economy has improved. “A growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, and booming energy production,” said Obama. Health care spending is slowing thanks to Obamacare, jobs are coming back and 10 million more people have health insurance.

The economy is improving, but not for everyone. Wages have not increased, and access to education is more expensive and difficult every day, as well as other benefits of an innovative, dynamic society. Low-income groups are relegated. Among them, the majority of Latinos, whose salaries are stuck in the past century.

Obama is proposing concrete changes to benefit the middle class: expand paid sick leave, increase family leave because of illness or family crisis for federal employees, improve retirement plans, increase the child tax credit and provide some tax relief for low-income earners.

And also raising taxes for those who make more than half a million dollars. This is where the Republican opposition is strongest. It seems like no issue is more important for them than defending the richest.

The presidential plan includes such crucially important proposals as free higher education for two years in community colleges, which would especially benefit the Latino community that makes up half of the students in those institutions.

Obama is defending the historic turning point in the la Cuba-U.S. relations and insists on the “migratory relief” that will allow the legalization of up to five million undocumented, mostly Latinos, so they can integrate and contribute to our society’s growth.

Obama offered a post-recession, post-deficit plan. It’s a sober and realist plan that seeks to improve the country and benefit the majority. A fairer plan for a society haunted by inequality and frustration.