‘Peruanos en el Mundo’ premieres in February

When Roberto Pazos arrived in the U.S. as an immigrant from Peru, he came with a lot of experience as a journalist from his home…

Roberto Pazos visited Jerusalem in this episode of Peruanos en el Mundo, chronicling the lives of immigrants from Peru throughout the world. (Screenshot: Courtesy of Roberto Pazos)

When Roberto Pazos arrived in the U.S. as an immigrant from Peru, he came with a lot of experience as a journalist from his home country but little else but a hunger for achieving the American dream. Times were so tough at the beginning that his main source of income was peddling papers and magazines at a newsstand in New York City.

Years later Pazos managed to live his own story of success by chronicling the tales of other Peruvian immigrants who have found their way to every corner of the world. The product of his hard work is the TV show “Peruanos en el Mundo,” a series set to premiere this weekend in the United States, Peru, the rest of Latin America.

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After working a series of odd jobs and some not-so-odd, Roberto managed to start production of this show. While he held jobs such as a local TV reporter in Oklahoma, and as a news editor for big networks such as Univision and CNN, he always had the urge to exalt the stories of other Peruvians, who like him, made it through.

With a camera in hand, and sometimes the help of a producer and extra crew, he visited more than 20 countries in the last three years for “Peruanos en el Mundo” (Peruvians around the World).

“The best takeaway I got from my travels while filming my show is how despite the language barriers, the cultural challenges and even the economic difficulties, Peruvians around the world have managed to make it through,” Pazos told VOXXI from his home office in Miami. “Besides that, it’s three million Peruvian immigrants living abroad, with three million stories, all worth telling.”

Pazos got to interview Peruvians from all walks of life, including immigrants living in China, Egypt, Japan and of course Latin America.

Even though similar segments have appeared as in local TV news in his native country, this is the first time that a television series is dedicated entirely to telling the stories of Peruvian immigrants.

Each weekly episode will feature a different country and will let the viewer know a bit more about the real-life characters through a series of interviews, vignettes, tips and even trivia. This premiere week episode begins in Asia.

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“Peruanos en el Mundo” will air on the SUR Peru TV network starting this Saturday, February 7th at 4 pm eastern. The channel is available through many cable and satellite providers in the U.S. If you miss Saturdays episodes, you can always catch a repeat on Sundays on the same channel at  3 p.m. eastern time.