Beauty tips for men and women to look sexy on Valentine’s Day

There is no better feeling than making sure you are prepared for that special date on Valentine’s Day. Though confidence is the sexiest feature for both…

Look ravishing on Valentine’s Day for your significant other with these beauty tips for men and women. (Photo: Shutterstock)

There is no better feeling than making sure you are prepared for that special date on Valentine’s Day.

Though confidence is the sexiest feature for both men and women, we’ve put together some tips to look ravishing on V-Day.

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Tips for Women

Tips for women on how to look beautiful on Valentine's Day.

How to look gorgeous on Valentine’s Day. (Photo: Shutterstock)

1. Body Scrub

Buy a body scrub with a fresh scent and scrub away all that dead skin. It’ll leave your body feeling renewed and extra soft. Always a win,especially if you plan on showing off some leg!

2. Lotion

After successfully scrubbing away, make sure to use some light body lotion to moisturize your skin. If having a bit of glow is your thing, buy a sparkly lotion or one that includes self tanner.

3. Get your hair done

You might be a pro at doing your own hair but it’s always a nice treat to sit back and relax while someone does it for you. So this V-Day if you have a special date planned, make an appointment and splurge!

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4. Mani and Pedi

Feeling beautiful comes from within but if you need an extra booster get your nails done. It will make you feel clean and girly and that confidence will shine from within!

5. Pick the right outfit

Being comfortable with yourself always comes off as more attractive. So whether you have that perfect outfit or you need to go out for a quick shopping session, do it! Wearing something you feel sexy but comfortable in is key.

Tips for Men

Handsome man poses for photo.

Look attractive for your lady on Valentine’s Day (Photo: Shutterstock)

1. Do your hair… properly

Yes, washing it is a must. There is no bigger turn off to women than greasy, smelly hair. You want to feel confident that if her hands were to come anywhere near your hair she wouldn’t run away in disgust. If you have long hair try using some mousse. It will keep it in place and make you look sharp.

2. Sweat it out

Go for a run or hit the gym, either way working up a sweat releases endorphins which always makes you feel good. And if you feel good and healthy you can guarantee you’ll be feeling sexy.

3. Prepare yourself

If you are taking a girl out on a first date, being nervous is normal. Something to calm the nerves? Buy her a little something. It could be as simple as the typical flowers or box of chocolates but you’ll feel prepared. And if you’re prepared you won’t feel nervous.

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4. Shave

If you usually rock a clean face make sure you shave. Looking clean cut will make you feel confident which will make you more attractive. For those beard supporters out there, make sure it’s groomed and not a crazy mess.

5. Outfit

Just like women, men also need to put some effort into what they choose to wear. Choose a shirt that makes you feel good but don’t forget to iron it! Feeling sharp can make a huge difference with your confidence and there is nothing sexier than a confident man!

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