David Ferrari: Italy’s first reggaeton star hits South Florida

Big Latino acts such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar should watch their backs, because David Ferrari is touring South Florida promoting his latest music…

Italy’s first-ever reaggaeton star David Ferrari, visits South Florida to promote his new single “In Miami.” (Photo: Facebook/@DavidFerrariOfficial)

Big Latino acts such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar should watch their backs, because David Ferrari is touring South Florida promoting his latest music video “In Miami.”

Though he’s not a well-known artists in the Americas, Ferrari is a big deal in Europe, becoming the first-ever artist to record reggaeton in Italian language.

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He was born in Genoa, Italy but gravitated toward the vibrant music of the Americas since early ages.

“I used to imitate Michael Jackson [dance moves and outfit] when I was a kid. That surely helped me understand those rhythms and educate my body to move with the beat,” Ferrari told VOXXI in a very fluent Spanish.

The King of Pop’s dancing-influence can be seen in Ferrari’s music videos such as “El Padrino,” where he demonstrates that he knows how to bust a move!

David Ferrari likes to rap.

David Ferrari is on tour in Miami and South Florida. (Photo: Facebook/@DavidFerrariOfficial)

His actual music career, however, began as a rapper in 1999, when he formed part of a large Italian Hip-Hop movement that flourished during that decade. Shortly after, a trip to Cuba would change the course of his music in 2005.

He ended up living in the Caribbean island for two years where the reggaeton boom of the time quickly grabbed his attention. As a result, he began to understand and absorb the genre.

“It caught my attention the way the audience engages with reggaeton. It has a syncopated beat that’s more danceable than Hip-Hop, which I came from,” he said.

After his stay in Cuba, Ferrari headed back to his native country with many lyrics, inspiration and the determination to do something fresh –a reggaeton crossover into Italian.

He began the production phase of his first reggaeton album “Bum Bum” in 2007 by the hand of DJ Playero, the producer who catapulted genre’s pioneers Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. Musicólogo, Daddy Yankee’s current producer, also collaborated in that record.

In 2012, he released “Quality,” a second album in Spanish that included fusions with merengue electronico, timba, salsa, and Latin house.

Ferrari has collaborated with Francisco Bayon, Kola Loka, Eminencia Clasica, Eddy K, Eric Russo & Paul Mice, Caruso & Valenziano among many other urban artists.

He won “Best Reggaeton Artist” of Italy in 2014. He’s done it for three consecutive years demonstrating why many call him “El Papá del Reggaeton Italiano” (The Italian Reggaeton Daddy).

He is now touring in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando including presentations in The Place of Miami on Friday, Feb. 27th and Hialeah Park on March 1.

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The artist exclusively revealed to VOXXI, “I’m planning to move permanently to Miami by October this year. I hope I can have the same success I have in Europe, and bigger, in this side of the world.”

Ferrari, who sings in three languages and dances like a Latino, has no blood connection with the luxury automobile maker Enzo Ferrari.