What could have caused Demi Lovato’s lung infection?

Demi Lovato was hospitalized last week with a bacterial lung infection. The condition left her under the care of physicians for a few days while…

Demi Lovato was hospitalized with a bacterial lung infection last week. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock)

Demi Lovato was hospitalized last week with a bacterial lung infection. The condition left her under the care of physicians for a few days while being treated with antibiotics.

But the 22-year-old singer/songwriter told fans all along the media was making it sound worse than it really was.

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Though viral lung infections are common, bacterial ones are less so, and Lovato’s hospital stay is a reminder that anyone can be the target of such infections for a variety of reasons.

According to The Lung Center at Ohio State University, bacterial lung infections may develop after harmless illnesses like the common cold or the flu, but there are other, more concerning causes to keep in mind. Such infections can be the result of exposure to illnesses like tuberculosis or naturally-occurring bacteria in soil or water.

“The lung is a frequent target of infection including acute bronchitis or pneumonia, which are often caused by viruses, but also can be caused by bacteria or fungal organisms,” state materials from the university. “With rest, supportive care, and occasionally antibiotics most of these infections should improve in a few weeks.”

Bacterial infections of the lungs can become chronic depending on the cause behind them. Tuberculosis (TB), for example, is a highly contagious bacterial infection known to cause chronic lung infections. This bacteria is spread from person-to-person, but there are also other bacteria related to TB that can cause similar issues. Mycobacterium, cousins to TB, are found in the soil and water, and because of constant exposure, these bacteria can cause recurring infections.

It is not yet known what was behind Demi Lovato’s bacterial lung infection, but most cases are a simply a complication of the cold or flu. Lovato told Gossip Cop she is okay, but due to difficulty breathing and the need for rest, work on her new album will temporarily be put on hold.

The infection is a minor problem compared to the health issues Lovato has already overcome. The star has been very honest with the public about her battles with eating disorders, and just recently took to social media to proudly converse about her figure.

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After posting an image of herself in a bikini, Lovato wrote: “Regardless of what society tells you these days… You don’t have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful.”

Having shared her struggles with the world, Lovato has gained a huge following, and Twitter was flooded with ‘get well Demi’ hashtags when word of her hospitalization broke.