First look at Conan O’brien’s trip to Cuba; show airs March 4th

The relations between the United States and Cuba has thawed, and as usual Conan O’Brien wants to be the first to check it out. The…

The relations between the United States and Cuba has thawed, and as usual Conan O’Brien wants to be the first to check it out.

The late night talk show host and comedian recently traveled to the island to shoot an entire episode if his show.

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As is usual with O’Brien’s popular segments where he visits remote placed, he takes the role of a “fish out of water” in a new strange land — and that can be absolutely hilarious.

He’s visited Germany, Amsterdam, Ireland, and now Cuba.

The Huffington Post reported that after President Barack Obama’s announcement that the U.S. was working toward ending the embargo with Cuba, one of Conan’s head writers, Mike Sweeney, suggested they go there.

Of course O’Brien took the idea seriously — not just for giggles — but because he remembered when then-“Tonight Show” host Jack Paar shot an episode from Havana.

That episode was shot after the revolution ended but before the U.S. embargo took effect in 1962.

(Photo: Twitter/@ConanOBrien)

What can we expect for Conan in Cuba?

First off, his trip to a cigar maker:

“They let me into a cigar factory, which is fascinating. It’s 400 people in a room where they make them by hand and they’re works of art, each one. It takes nine months of study to get to the point where you’re even allowed in the factory,” O’Brien said in a Huffington Post artticle. “I actually started improvising with this great woman who tried to teach me how to make a cigar, and obviously I’m terrible at it.”

And due to lack of Internet on the island, the comedian widely known in everywhere else was not recognized (except by other tourists there) ? however, that didn’t stop him trying to convince the Cuban people that he is someone very important back in America.

We can also see Conan learn to dance salsa and find A LOT of vino seco.

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The one-hour “Conan In Cuba” episode airs Wednesday, March 4 at 11:00 p.m. ET on TBS.

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