What’s behind Tori Spelling’s occasional hospital visits?

Tori Spelling suffers from severe migraine headaches, and the actress/reality star was again taken to Encino Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles last week for…

Tori Spelling has always suffered from severe migraines. (s_bukley/shutterstock)

Tori Spelling suffers from severe migraine headaches, and the actress/reality star was again taken to Encino Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles last week for that reason.

Though Spelling has been known to have migraine-related hospital stays for as long as six days, this latest visit was brief, and Spelling was home by Saturday afternoon.

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“I wish the media would stop making it so dramatic/scary 4 my family, friends,&fans…I have horrific migraines. I’m ALWAYS open about that!” she Tweeted to fans over the weekend.

Migraines affect almost 10 percent of the global population, and the Migraine Research Foundation indicates 1 in 4 households in the U.S. include someone who experiences migraines. Unlike a regular headache, a migraine is considered to be a neurological disease and a syndrome, or  collection of symptoms that arise from a singular cause. What that cause is, exactly, depends on the patient and may never be identified.

Understanding Migraines

Migraines can be so debilitating, they rank among the top 20 causes of disability in the world. Sufferers can experience a range of symptoms, including dizziness, severe nausea or vomiting, dehydration, and/or stroke-like neurological symptoms that might accompany the intensely painful headache. Sensitivity to light and sound are also common attributes of a migraine attack. Unfortunately, while symptoms can be treated, the actual cause of migraines is little understood by medical experts.

Migraines are a primary reason for disability

10 percent of the global population suffers from migraines. (Shutterstock)

“Migraine remains poorly understood and frequently mistreated,” state materials from the Migraine Research Foundation. “Researchers still do not understand many things about the causes of migraine, the role of genetics, the nature of pain, and the reasons why medications work only on some people and in some situations. As a result, sufferers often endure a lengthy process of trial and error to discover an effective treatment. Once a treatment is determined, it may not alleviate every attack, and it may prove ineffective over time. Some people suffer from several different types of migraine, making diagnosis and treatment that much more difficult.”

Tori Spelling has always been open with her fans about her migraine headaches, and from her headache history, it appears stress has a lot to do with it. In 2014, she was hospitalized with a headache and ulcer after marital issues, and later that year the onset of a migraine was documented during her reality show during a stressful birthday party.

“I feel the migraine coming on. And boom it just like hit me. I know where it’s coming from,” Spelling said in a TV sneak peak last November.

I know it’s from the stress. Mary Jo just got here. I know my mom’s coming. I don’t want today to be the day that I get sick. I’m trying to fight through that.”

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The Office on Women’s Health indicates stress is one of the known triggers for migraines; stress can change chemicals in the brain, resulting in inflammation and subsequent pressure on nerves within the skull.

Women, in particular, are prone to this form of migraine, and women who do experience these headaches are 50 percent more likely to suffer from depression at some point in their lives.