10 modelos que derrumbaron los estándares de belleza para triunfar

La belleza de las personas viene en todas las formas y tamaños.
10 modelos que derrumbaron los estándares de belleza para triunfar
Winnie Harlow y Evita Delmundo
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Evita Delmundo, es una de las favoritas para ganar el próximo concurso Miss Universo.

No es un escultural cuerpo o facciones perfectas las que convierten a la representante de Malasia en una de las cartas fuertes para el certamen, sino su fortaleza de espíritu, autoestima y seguridad.

Delmundo es una joven que rompe con los estándares de belleza, especialmente de un concurso como Miss Universo. Sus cientos de lunares y verrugas en su rostro y cuerpo, son la prueba de que el mundo está cambiando.

So I feel nothing at all… 🌼🌼🌼

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El camino no es fácil, la chica confesó a la revista Elle que tuvo que superar una etapa terrible de “bullying” en la escuela, pero ahora no tiene límites en busca de sus sueños.

“Siempre fue un sueño para mi adicionar para Miss Universo Malasia. Siento que es una buena forma de mostrar mi singularidad y confianza en mí misma”, dijo a la publicación.

“Nadie ha nacido perfecto y todos tenemos nuestras fortalezas y debilidades. Saber que tengo un efecto positivo me hace avanzar”, concluyó.

Y es que poco a poco en el mundo de la moda, jóvenes, adultos y hasta ancianos “imperfectos”, se han abierto camino para mostrar que la belleza se encuentra en todas las formas entre los humanos.

Aquí están 9 modelos que al igual que Evita, rompen con los estándares de belleza:

Winnie Harlow

A big thank you to @diormakeup for having me 💫#Missdiorforlove

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Shaun Ross

Giving you flowers while your alive. Thank You @sweets_magazine for letting me give love on your cover ❤️

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Tess Holliday

Kanya Sesser

Madeline Stuart

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Daphne Selfe

Beauty Advantage – do the good-looking have an extra benefit? I read that beauty advantage according to top economists is a scientific fact and that beautiful people have more opportunities than others. Whether this is right or not is another matter but what I was interested to know is that whatever genes and natural looks you may have been given you can fake it – fake it until you make it! This news means that it is not about having the perfect features or the white white Hollywood smile (my features are very crooked). It is more important what you radiate from inside. The beauty advantage is in a smile and the confidence and self-esteem that someone has or appears to have. A naturally beautiful person is often told continually how beautiful they are and this in turn leads to them developing good self esteem. Seeing a good looking individual signals to the brain that this person is healthy, successful and gives the impression that this person is competent and trustworthy. Outward appearance must never be held in higher regard than intelligence and abilities but it is never-the-less an important part of the complete package that we are. Whatever looks you have or whatever you personally think about your own looks (we can be our own worst critic) a smile can open up more opportunities and give anyone a beauty advantage. How simple! Smile – beauty advantage Test it out and see what reaction you get if you consciously smile more. The world is not always rosy but a genuine smile can make a big difference to someone else’s day and it will improve your own confidence and self-esteem – if it gives you a beauty advantage do let me know in the comments below along with any other thoughts you have – maybe you think it is a disadvantage!. Go to the link in my profile to find out more about……. http://www.daphneselfe.com/beauty-advantage/

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Sarah McDaniel

Really old pic

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Casey Legler

Very Excited to share a pic from our latest "Be You" campaign- Casey Legler knows what it is to embrace who she is- this incredible human talks freely and proudly about the struggle and THE UPSIDE to a greater understanding of what it is to BE YOU. Go to our website theupsidesport.com to view our new campaign and listen to Casey's insightful interview on The Project #caseylegler #BeYouTHEUPSIDE #THEUPSIDE #theproject @leglercasey @theproject @tahnee711 @jezsmithphotography @iamjessicagomes @pip_edwards1 @laurawellsmodel @CourtzHancock @vivlilingwong @mcm_pr

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Philippe Dumas