Demandan a la modelo Deyana Mounira por supuestamente ¡excitar a un perro!

El dueño del animal asegura que la chica se sobrepasó con el can al acariciarlo fuera de lo normal hasta llevarlo a la excitación
Demandan a la modelo Deyana Mounira por supuestamente ¡excitar a un perro!
Deyana Mounira.
Foto: Instagram

Deyana Mounira ha sido demanda por supuestamente abusar sexualmente. ¡De un perro!

La modelo participó en una sesión de fotos en la que interactúo con el canino, de nombre Hef, al que se supone excitó al untarse mantequilla de maní en su entrepierna, para que el perro la lamiera, al mismo tiempo en el que jugó con sus genitales, como si estuviera masturbándolo, según Tony Toutouni, quien es el dueño del perro.

De esta manera, el multimillonario presentó una demanda contra la modelo, al mismo tiempo en el que compartió un video en las redes sociales, en el que explica el por qué interpuso tal querella ante Deyana Mounira.

Y es que según TMZ, la mujer en cuestión asistió hace un par de semanas a la mansión de Toutouni para realizar una sesión de fotos, en la que el sujeto asegura que la modelo se sobrepasó con el can al acariciarlo fuera de lo normal hasta llevarlo a la excitación, aprovechando la mantequilla de maní para al mismo tiempo jugar con sus genitales.

Le pedí de una manera muy amable que no publicara el video con el perro. Pero ella lo robó y lo subió a su Instagram porque su ‘manager’ le dijo que le haría ganar seguidores“, confesó Tony, quien cuenta con un millón y medio de seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram.

El dueño de Hef afirma que el pulgoso no ha sido el mismo desde que Deyana le enseñó el camino de la perdición, y ahora cree que todo el mundo tiene mantequilla de maní entre sus piernas, por lo que decidió entablar la demanda, por abusar de la inocencia de su mascota.

POR: Jorge Marrón

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A few weeks ago, I was asked to model for a shoot at a house by a professional photographer. By the time I got there, Tony insisted on taking my photos instead. His skills consisted of him taking photos of me with his phone, specifically of my boobs & butt. During this entire amateur shoot with Tony, I was very uncomfortable bc Tony was harassing me, verbally & sexually. He forcibly grabbed me inappropriately & tried to get me into his room several times as I walked around and he continued to do so even after I repeatedly told him to stop. He provoked his dog to hump me & told me to allow it. This video has Tony’s voice telling me to allow his dog to take these actions and says, “let him do it, “fuck her” & “I almost had it, go back…just stand there and let him sniff your butt.” I felt vulnerable in this situation & tried to get myself out of this environment as best as I could because I genuinely feared for my own safety and well-being. Before I attempted to leave, I asked for the photos taken of me, he refused to send me the photos or videos & didn’t provide any reason as to why. I ultimately was able to get video clips of myself, but after I had to act calm even though I wanted to escape the situation. In fear of Tony showing these humiliating videos to his friends & the public in general, I posted the video of myself & the dog as a comedy video on my own IG page to try to redeem myself because the video of me is completely mortifying. Tony later posted the same video of me on his IG page, but the difference in the two videos is that he will never post the original videos because he is the one recording me with his voice in the background. Tony has forced my hand by further publicly defaming my reputation on TMZ. I want the entertainment industry & the public in general to be aware of people like Tony who want to use you in every way they can including but not limited to sexual and inappropriate acts. No one should be subjected to this treatment in any industry. I sincerely hope that the public take note of this situation and understand that I seek to expose predators like him. Thank you to all my friends and fans for your continuous love and support.💕

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