FOTOS: Le damos la bienvenida al Mundial con la bella modelo rusa Vita Sidorkina

Esta hermosa chica ha destacado nen sus trabajos para Victoria’s Secret
FOTOS: Le damos la bienvenida al Mundial con la bella modelo rusa Vita Sidorkina
Vitalina Sidorkina es una destacada modelo rusa de la marca Victoria's Secret
Foto: Especial

Angelical y futbolera, Vitalina Sidorkina no iba a pasar por alto un evento monumental como la Copa Mundial de la FIFA en su natal Rusia, y celebró la justa del orbe con una sesión para la edición de junio de GQ México en la que
luce espectacular captada por la cámara del fotógrafo Greg Lotus.

Y quien mejor que esta hermosura ojiazul, quien ha destacado en sus trabajos para Victoria’s Secret, para darle la bienvenida al Mundial.

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Everyone who knows me or has followed me for long enough, has probably noticed that my weight changes. I have been up and down 10kilos, and no matter what number I would see on my scale, I never felt satisfied. With all of the body shaming in the industry and on the internet, I have been personally going through a hard time accepting myself. For 10years of modeling, it seemed like I was convinced that I was never fitting a standard! For the last year, I have been working on refocusing myself on my personal well being and health. I completely changed my mentality, no longer punishing myself for enjoying life…as I would before and have started to be more kind to my body. Going from overtraining myself every single day for 2-3 hours, to now doing workouts every other day for 1.5hours; going from starving myself and not having healthy attitude toward food, to now seeing food as a source of energy and naturally making healthier choices. With all this being said – shooting SI this year has been VERY special to me as i appeared in my very own HEALTHY, STRONG shape! It was kind of a reward for the battle that I took a chance to complete. For all young models and all women in general-remember there is no career or money that can be more important than your physical and mental health🙏🏻🥑❤ #vitasidorkina #justsaying #feltlikeiwantedtotellthat

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