Acclaimed International Advisor on Emerging Markets and ICT to Speak on Governance at Women Corporate Directors’ 2015 Asia Institute

Tokyo Conference Includes Global Resources CEO Diane Landau

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diane (Di) Landau, a trusted senior advisor on information,
communications and technology (ICT) and emerging markets to boards and
investors throughout the world, and CEO of Irvine-based Global
, has been tapped to serve on a prestigious panel in Tokyo
at the 2015
Asia Institute
. The Sept. 10 – 11 global event, hosted by Women
Corporate Directors
, will feature insights on effective governance,
given economic growth factors and market game changers in the Asia
Pacific matrix. This premier international organization comprised of
women corporate directors is committed to not only good governance, but
also governance with global vision.

Landau’s panel is titled “Changing Globalization: Understanding Emerging
Markets Will No Longer Be Enough as Mid-level Cities (Population Greater
Than One Million) Will Be the Key Drivers of Growth.” She will represent
both the United States and Australia on the dais and will be joined by
other esteemed business leaders from Hong Kong, Mongolia, India and
Japan. Landau recently was named a non-executive director of James&Co.,
based in Australia, a logical extension of three decades of work in
emerging and developing markets as she addresses the firm’s concerns
relative to production in Pakistan, centralized sourcing from Hong Kong
and continued growth of shareholder value.

“The 2015 Asia Institute promises to be an exhilarating exchange of
governance best practices, presented by top business authorities from
around the globe. I know it will be invigorating to be exchanging
worldviews in Tokyo,” said Landau. “The keynote speakers are powerful
and each panel will address critical market factors that impact
international market expansion and secure operations planning – at a
time when key national powers and investor interests are both shifting.”

Landau has received many awards and honors throughout her distinguished
career, including recognition in 2011 when she was named to the Agenda
International 100
Financial Times’ list of top global
management experts. The list serves as a key resource for multinational
companies seeking to strengthen their boards of directors with
individuals possessing extensive global experience and savvy. As a board
member of James&Co., Landau’s expertise is helping guide the firm’s
distribution and operations infrastructure, along with its expansion
from its Australian, US and UK market base.

Landau’s entire career has focused on the dynamic ICT sector, and she
has tackled increasingly complex and challenging projects over the
years. To date, she has been “on the ground” advising government
officials and private business leaders in 53 countries, including 50
emerging markets.

“My work has been tremendously rewarding, as I have seen firsthand how
emerging countries, business sectors, and citizens have benefited from
sound national planning coupled with major ICT initiatives and
investments. That same competitive capability is now penetrating
enterprises – from startups to Fortune 500s – and it is redefining
global production, distribution, and market winners and losers,” she
said. “My work with governance, as an advisor to boards, C-suite
executives and governments, has been equally rewarding as I share that
interplay: where and how technology convergence impacts a firm’s
operations, and how good governance can ensure companies are mitigating
risk, managing emerging market operations effectively, and
fundamentally, ensuring they are protecting shareholder value in our
ever-changing global marketplace.”


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Hilary Kaye